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Business Partner Spotlight

California Pacific Orthopaedics

California Pacific Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is the premier provider of orthopaedics and sports medicine in the San Francisco and Marin County area. Our highly skilled surgeons and physicians provide minimally invasive surgeries of the hip, knee, shoulder, and back -foot and ankle reconstruction; hand and wrist surgery including endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery; arthritis care; and sports medicine.

TMS Enrichment Program and Camps

TMS Enrichment Program and Camps offers your child camps to keep brains and bodies busy. Choose from Mandarin, creative writing, science, cooking, archery, SSAT prep, outdoor nature adventure camp, or a mix of everything! Visit for more information.

Fuel 24:7

Fuel 24:7 donates a penny to Kiddo! for every gallon pumped throughout the year. Come fuel up your car and kids’ educations!

Sweetwater Music Hall

The original Sweetwater opened in 1972, in a rustic, downtown Mill Valley storefront previously occupied by a local watering hole called the Office.  On its opening night, the Sweetwater presented an acoustic folk‐rock group that played for a crowd that lined up halfway down the block to get in.  While the Sweetwater enjoyed a most auspicious beginning, it wasn’t until a decade later that the tiny 90-seat tavern with a stage earned its rightful place in music history. At the Sweetwater Music Hall, that history continues on today.


Every aspect of life in Marin improves when ALL students in ALL our public schools have access to the same high quality programs and the same opportunities for success. SchoolsRule closes the inequality gap.

Safeway Foundation

Our Foundation supports causes that impact our customers’ lives. Carefully directing contributions, we work in collaboration with local organizations and seek to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.  We take pride in ensuring that the vast majority of the funds we raise stays in local communities and reflects what is important to our customers and employees.

Marin Community Foundation

The Marin Community Foundation connects the people who want to create change in the world with the organizations that can produce the greatest impact. Perhaps there’s a cause or an organization that’s special to you. Perhaps giving is a family tradition. Or maybe you want to start a family tradition. Whatever the reason, you want to partner with someone who understands you and your goals and can make your experience easy, effective and joyful.

Haydee Knot, MD – MV Dermatology

It was Haydee Knot’s dream to open her own clinic focusing on patient care, and “putting patients first” as a rule, instead of an exception. Visit Dr. Knot and receive concierge care without concierge fees.

Beeline Bikes

We bring the bike shop to you. Schedule an appointment and the bike shop comes to you with a full selection of parts and accessories.