Endowment Testimonials

Over 1,000 individuals have supported the Kiddo! Endowment Fund, with donations large and small. Here is what some of the generous donors have to say.

“Appreciated property is one of the last areas where you can still give to your favorite charity, and get a substantial tax benefit which can be as high as 39%.”

 -Jeff Freiberg

“We decided to contribute to the Kiddo! Endowment Fund so that our grandkids and future generations of children can also enjoy the benefits of the arts. We encourage other grandparents to join us in our effort.”

-Joyce and Rigomar Thurmer

Jon and Gale Love
“Gale and I remain enthusiastic about supporting KIDDO! even now with our children no longer in the MVSD K-8 system. We believe it’s vitally important to support our local public schools and that it adds value to our community in so many ways. We also know what a fabulous job KIDDO! does and what a positive difference it makes. The Endowment is a terrific way to ensure KIDDO! will continue to help our children and community thrive for many years to come.”

“We contributed without using out-of-pocket cash. We avoided capital gains taxes. Some of this stock was twenty years old with a very low basis, but we were able to claim a charitable deduction for the full current market value. It was so easy! We just called Kiddo! and they sent us the appropriate forms and helped facilitate the transfer.”

-Paula and Bob Reynolds

“ When we bought a new car, the dealer wouldn’t give us much and we didn’t want to go through the hassle of selling it ourselves. We just called Kiddo! and they referred us to a representative who picked up the car and handled all the paperwork and sent us a letter verifying the donation of the car. We were able to help Kiddo! and get a tax deduction. It was so simple!”

– Anna Lazzarini (MVMS Principal) and Mark Wagner

“For us, the solution to helping Kiddo! was to take out a life insurance policy with the premiums invested in a managed growth stock portfolio. The Kiddo! Endowment is the owner and beneficiary allowing the premiums we pay to be income tax deductible.”

-Jim and Mary Brock

Over 70% of Americans give to charities that are important to them during their lifetime, yet only 6% provide for those organizations in their estates. Kiddo! encourages families who believe in the importance of education to invest a portion of their resources to the causes they feel are important in their lifetimes. Call Kiddo! for a referral to an estate planning attorney for an initial complimentary consultation.