2022 - 2023 School Year Donor List
for Kiddo! General Operating Fund and Kiddo! Endowment for the Arts

*Thank you so much for your generosity.  Please search for your name in the search field below. If you don’t see your name, and you have made a donation, please contact the Kiddo! office.

Please note that this list does NOT include the following:

a. Families that have requested to be anonymous
b. Families that have set up payment plans whose initial donation has not yet occurred; monthly donations only occur once a month.
c. Families that have donated through their employee giving program, but Kiddo! has not yet received the donation.
d. Families that made a pledge, but the donation has not yet been received.
e. Families that have donated via eCheck will experience a 10-day merchant services verification delay
f. Families that donated at the Kiddo! Gala to the Teacher Grants Fund, as that is a fund that does not count toward the General Operating Fund. The General Operating Fund is the fund which collects the traditional per-student donation, and benefits all students in the district.

Donors through 11.14.2022
Scott Aal and Julie Brown
Kia and Zane Abedin
Marco and Nurzhamal Acosta
Robb Adkins and Rachel Ruffalo
Max Agajan and Sandra Sakai Agajan
Noah and Jennifer Agard
Laura Jensen and Jon Allbin
Geoff and Erin Allen
Simon Allen and Christie Keyes
Yvonne Allison
Scott and Yeonjoo Almassy
Mary and Steve Almassy
Phil and Sabrina Ames
Ray Andrade and Alexis Kelly
Giulio and Kelly Andreoli
Josh Andresen and Sara Heintzelman
Michael Angeles
Jay Angelo and Melissa Reed
Crystal and Michael Anglen
Qmars Ansari and Violette Florika
Chris and Candace Archer
Scott and Rebecca Arwin
In Memory of Thomas Ashley
Jeremiah and Christy Atkisson
Elizabeth and Henry Auriti
Mary Back
Christopher and Fawn Bailey
Molly and Sam Baker
Karolina Gachowska & Norbert Balogh
Nancy Elkus and James Barnes
Heather Barrett
Cedric Barringer
Lisa Barringer
Lauren and Conrad Barski
Craig and Kristin Beacock
Marilee Bear
Sarah and Brooks Beard
Jason Beccaris and Sally Burtle
Michaela and Nicolas Beckman
Tina Schwabe and Jacob Bendor
Christopher and Margaret Benford
Cassandra Beresini
Bill and Sally Berger
Greg and Milana Berguig
Anna and Jonas Berling
Seth and Jacqueline Besse
Brian Biggs and Sasha Albani
Gavin and Jessica Birmingham
Gary Birnbaum
BJ Conrad Family Fund
James and Emily Blaine
Jeffrey and Downey Blount
Peter Blumberg and Alexandra Patten
Nick and Hanna Bockh
Steven Bodovitz and Aubrey Gilbert
David Boehle and Julia Vinyard
Bryan Boettger
Little Fawn Boland
Daniel Boley and Kawa Chiu
John and Elizabeth Bolton
Gina and Nathaniel Bolton
Shawn and Haley Borisoff
Marcela Cortes and Juan Botero
Wendy Botwick
Brett and Odette Boyd
Michael and Cristina Bradford
Graham and Talia Brandt
Anne and James Brat
William and Julie Bremer
Antoninho Brito and Ronelia Oliveira
Dave and Holly Brousseau
Leigha Heydt & Shannon Brundieck
Andy and Leina Bryson
Luke and Lauren Burke
Doug and Susan Burrows
Joe and Sarah Jayne Burton
Amanda and Frank Busch
Christian and Kimberly Buss
Kim Byrne
Steve and Brianna Byun
Lydia and Wesley Caddell
Bryan and Krista Campbell
Lex Campbell and Bobbi Lynn Jones
Joe and Lisa Canepari
Peter and Natalie Cann
Ming Cao and Wenrui Lai
Sonja Scharrer and Dante Carpinito
Sara and Massimo Castellano
Ellen and Burak Cendek
Susannah Kussmaul and Gabriel Chamie
Robert Chan and Min-Jye Chen
Keith and Radiance Chapman
Wilson and Sherene Chen
Ganesh Cherala and Srilatha Tavisala
Neil and Kate Chhabra
Shen-I Chiou and Hui-Li Lee
Mark and Kathleen Chu Cheong
Peter Chun and Aline Kim
Andrew and Lora Churcher
Joseph and Linsey Cioffari
Matthew Clare and Lindsay Gehman
Douglas and Lally Clark
Rodney and Catherine Clark
Alex and Priya Clemens
Michael Coffino and Kathleen Boyle
Robert Cohen and Amy Apple
David and Amy Cole
Shannon and Dominic Coleman
Nate Coleman and Janice Bemer
Mark and Lori Coopersmith
Kevin and Sarah Cope
Carlo Corea and Myrtha Cesar
Luis Costa and Alison Kewley
Michelle Cove
Charley and Rebecca Cover
Anna Catalina and Jairo Criollo
Brendan and Elizabeth Crockett
Frederick and Jamie Crombie
Jennie and Christopher Crowe
Dan and Jenn Cuddeford
Scott and Carolyn Dahlman
Tim and Clara Daniels
William and Cari Dauphinais
Pete and Maggie Davies
Daniel and Sarah Davis
Patricia Robbins and Ethan Davis
Lucy and Greg Davis
Susan and Andrew Dawson
Rose De Angelo
Jonathan and Chelsea De St. Paer
The del Castillo Family
Sarah and Olivier Delerm
Zack and Thais Derich
Rayah Levy and Randall Derrick
Brian and Deborah Desmond
Greg Desmond
Liz and Neal Dessouky
Brendan and Elizabeth Devlin
Anh Diep and Auric Sowell-Kantz
Annabel Evans and Eamonn Dixon
Torkel Dominique and Jessica Turner
Eliot and Stephen Donahue
Richard and Tiffany Donohue
James Donovan and David Speyer
Ellie Doost
Scott and Cara Douglass
Chuck Dow and Beverly Coughlin
Gretchen and Brian Drake
Erika Brost and Nick Drakulich
Ashley and Jason Droege
Dean and Kristin Duchak
Isai and Ada Duenas
Justin and Avra Durack
Cutler and Jennifer Durkee
Erin and Yanick Dusseault
Jeffrey East
Eric and Heather Eberhardt
David Eddy and Joan Kermath
Eric and Erika Edelson
Bruce and Kirsten Edwards
Paul Edwards
Christine and William Edwards
Steve and Sarah Egli
Marc Einhorn and Cecilia Hinojosa
Michael and Meghan Ellis
Scott and Kate Ellison
Vanessa Erickson
Brian Esquivel
Carling Ursem and Christopher Evans
Julie Miller Everett
Robert Everett
Kristen and Ethan Eyler
Adrian and Keely Fadrhonc
Brendan and Nicole Faherty
Brian and Kasey Fahey
Kristy Farnsworth
Rainer and Helga Fasching
Keith Feldman and Allison Harding
Aaron and Julie Fenton
Adrian Fernandez and Marci Furutani
John and Casey Ferrarone
Jason and Lorie Fiber
Terry Fiddaman
Adam and Megan Filly
Peter and Blair Firmage
John and Glaire Fischer
Darcy and Daniel Fitzpatrick
Nancy Chorne and Peter Fleming
Alexander and Lynn Flint
Geoffrey and Susan Flint
Lou Florival and Laura Nichols
Adam and Melanie Foltz
Alex and Nicole Fong
Ben and Kathleen Fort
Renee and Christopher Foster
Denis Fraisse and Laetitia Comps-agrar
Jeffrey Freedman and Marie Boylan
Bess and Peter Friday
Stefan and Ruth Friedrichsdorf
Anthony and Maria Frisella
Allison and Brian Frost
Ken and Vanessa Frost
Jared and Justina Furtado
Marcus and Gabrielle Gaetani
Michael and Courtney Gaiman
Jason and Danae Gamble
Matthew and Stephany Gamble
Sarah Garlick and Matthew Peterson
Jeffrey and Hilarie Gates
Jeff and Amy Gelfand
Bill and Molly Getty
Kavoos and Naoko Ghandi
Simon and Shannon Gillmore
James Goddard and Sharon Nakatani
Roger Gold
Andrew and Shana Goldberg
Ken Goldberg and Tiffany Shlain
Kent and Lauren Goldman
Josh and Jamie Goldstein
Brooke and Caitlin Goodman
William and Lynn Graham
Paul Grana and Courtney DiCarlo
Martin and Joan Grasser
Jeremy Graveline and Jennifer George
Katharine and Dylan Green
Christian Hackett and Dabney Ingram
Peter and Marcella Hamann
Julie and Andrew Hamilton
Jessica and Jeffrey Hamrick
Lauren Hancock
Sarah and TJ Hannigan
Henry Har and Jennifer Bowman
Christopher and Morgan Harding
David and Krista Harris
Karl Hasz
Brad and Natasha Hayes
Dr. Gary Hayes and Nhon Nguyen
Julianna and Mark Hayes
Susan Wlodarczyk and Chase Heaton
Igor Heaven
Sarah and Josh Heitzmann
Christopher and Megan Heller
Jonathan and Alexandra Hess
Jason and Sam Hicks
For: Henry Higgins
Lenny and Jen Hochschild
Michael and Grace Hochstoeger
Matt and Anna Hodus
Katey and Andrew Hoffman
Kristin Calandra and Brian Holden
Thomas Holden and Tracy Ebbert
Chris and Willow Holland
Mei Li and Matthew Hollander
Jessica and James Hollinger
Paige Farnell and Brian Horger
Douglas Horngrad
Rick and Jamie Horvath
Morgan and Russell Howson
Wolfgang and Fran Huelse
Thomas and Tinsley Hutson-Wiley
Richard and Anja Hyman
Christina and John Inglis-Arkell
Devon Jackman
Alisahah and Corey Jackson
Michael and Spencer Jacobs
Cole and Allison Jacobsen
Marcus and Karin Jacobsson
Mike Janover and Lucinda MacDonnell
Eliza and Brandon Jewett-Hall
Mitch Joe and Nga Ly
Tessa Greenwood and B.H. Johnson
Carl and Monique Johnson
Jamie and Jason Johnson
Kara Johnson and Brendan Farnell
Denise Jones
Bessie Mitskaris & Emmanuel Kaliontzakis
Brian and Amy Kaminski
Henry Kan and Carmel Chan
Daniel and Ann Kaplan
Frank Karbe and Brianne Martin
Peter and Megan Karlen
Gregory and Jenna Kasavin
Jonathan and Ashlee Kathrein
Natalie and Allon Katz
Jed and Lisa Katz
Bella and Adam Kazwell
Brian and Trish Keane
Darren Keast and Ellen Herbst
Melenie Keeffe
Reed and Kate Kellman
Quinci Kelly
John and Kirsten Kennel
Kevin and Barbara Kent
Josh Keppel and Amy Berger
Francis and Elizabeth Kernan
Richard Kideckel and Mary Walsh
Ross and Sophie Kirke
Maria Kirketerp and Rolf Jensen
Brian and Maura Kneafsey
Geoffrey Knopp and Fernanda Repsold
Anders and Julie Knox
Kim and Elizabeth Kokoska
Swen Kolterman
Whitney Kolterman
Konstantin Kopachev and Viktoria Poniati
Howard Kornfeld and Patricia Barry
Jeff and Ninna Kumataka
Dale Kunkel and Esther Chang
Steve and Kathy Kushner
Matthew Kweder and Melinda Fishel
Bill Lampl and Kathleen Clifford
Stuart and Caitlin Landesberg
Lisa Wiseman and Josh Lando
Anne-Elise and Drew Lansdown
Brandon Lawniczak and Suzanne Westphal
Craig and Janet Lawson
Hillary and Andrew Lazarus
Catherine Leary
Char and Ian Leary
Anne Bargiacchi & Matthieu Legrand
Ran Leshem and Hilla Nattiv
Aimee and Brett Levin
Daniel and Juliet Levinson
Doug Levinthal and Alexa Mimeles
Walter and Mimi Levison
Michael and Molly Levit
Aaron Lewis and Binbin Wang
Diane Woodhouse and Mike Lewis
Gunther Lie
Paul and Jill Liszewski
Gary and Michele Little
Robert Livingston
Brent and Jillian Locks
Hans and Shujie Loedolff
Brittain and Gregory Long
Austin and Amy Lowery
Adam and Mara Lowry
Lisa Lund
Philippe and Sabine Lyko
Adam and Whitney Lynch
Ian and Dharma MacColl
James Scott Mackenzie and Sarah Rowell
Jill and Anthony Macri
Kylie and Jesse Maddex
David and Andrea Mallard
Abigail Ottenhoff and Kevin Malone
Aravind and Laura Mani
Richard and Kristy Marino
Danny Marsh and Emily Schaffer
Kevin Marshall and Eliza Mccaw
Benjamin and Alisan Martin
Bria Larson and Daniel Martin
Krystle and Paul Martinez
Scott and Heather Mathews
James Mauch and Megan Jochimsen
Michael Mauzy and Lorriana Leard
Steve and Christine Maxwell
William and Melissa McClatchy
Mike and Nicole Mcclay
Doug and Kailyn McCracken
Lane and Amy Mccrea
Sarah and Geoff McDonald
Will and Airin McGinness
Matthew and Erin McMahon
Joseph Kumph and Cary McQueen
Alexis Mechler
Erick Mechler
Katarzyna and Diego Meller
Stephanie and Tom Messervy
Adam and Allison Messner
Brad and Christian Michael
Scott and Loraine Migliori
Alan Miller and Jayne McNicol
Jeff and Kristin Miller
Patrick and Kelli Millette
Ryan and Joanna Mindigo
Atabak Mokari and Kristen Hartley
Sarah Lynch and Jason Moline
Kiyash Monsef and Jane Mcgonigal
Carlos and Emily Montalvan
Brian and Angel Moore
David and Katherine Moore
John and Elizabeth Moriarty
Kelly Hoinacki and Julia Moriarty
William Morris and Monica Castro
Michael and Michelle Morrone
Kate and Eric Morse
Rachel and John Morse
David Moskowitz and Jennie Robin
Jake Moskowitz and Genevieve Estilo
Emily and Pascal Mouret-lafage
Dayna Mullins Desmond
Brian and Candace Murphy
Peter Murphy and Elaine Yutan
Daniel and Eleanor Murray
Maurice and Gabrielle Muse
Greg Musick and Dimitra Havriluk
Jeff Musser and Rebecca Randall
Dana Myers and Andrew Schober
Paul and Xiaoyan Nadler
Dev and Sarah Nag
Juwairiyya Nana
Michel and Francisco Narganes
Kassra and Jennifer Nassiri
Kelly and Mike Natenshon
Alicia and Jean-denis Ncho-oguie
Cristina and Gregory Nelson
Duy and Nhu Y Nguyen
Paul and Evelyn Nichols
Jessica Nicholson and Jonathan Westfall
Luke Nicklin and Tersia Pillay
Jason Nielsen and Gracie White
Jiri Novak
Michelle and Michael Novotny
Katherine and Adam Nowak
Steve and Miranda O'Connell
Casey and Jennifer O'Connor
Jessica and Greg Oehmen
Penna Omega
Javier and Tara Ordonez
Liana and Michael Orlandi
Brett and Kory Orlanski
David Palestrant and Nancy Bloch
Lisa and Noah Palmer
Park School PTA
Michael Parvin
David Perlson and Catherine Watkins
Adam and Sarah Phillips
Doug Phythian and Evelina Tse
Thomas and Theresa Pickard
Jon Platt and Michelle Mere
Susanne and Thomas Podell
Jason and Katharine Pomerantz
Jeffrey Pootoolal and Jennifer Conway
Todd Pound and Tiffany Forner
Todd and Mary Michael Pringle
Elizabeth Sklar and Matthew Purdon
Thomas and Rachel Quek
Melissa Quigg
Christina and William Quist
Sarah and Ariel Rabin
Brian Radics and Natasha Kindergan
Andreas Rauschecker & Lena Winestotne
Sarah and Richard Rayburn
Axel Redemann and Yunhee Yun
Steven Reel and Kathleen Justice
Mai Trieu & Fabien Renaud
Brent and Kari Reston
Peter and Brenda Rice
Liz and Tucker Richmond
Adrienne and Jason Richter
Soren and Natasa Riisgaard
Christopher Roberson & Sarah Wilhelm
Daniel and Sierra Robinson
Elia and James Robinson
Barnaby Robson
Terrence Rohan and Emma Dawson
Stephen and Patrizia Root
Peter and Erin Rose
Jesse and Danielle Roselin
George Rosenfield and Christopher Hoover
Nick Ross
Jerome Rossen and Sandra Bragar
Philip and Maeve Rossington
Brian and Vanessa Roth
Pablo and Christie Rovira
Richard and Nora Rupp
Thomas and Lauren Ryan
William and Sita Ryan
Brian and Amity Sadigursky
Elli Abdoli and Sohrab Saghezchi
Tarek and Saruultugs Saidi
Hartuty Sakwan
Jenny and Shahrad Sassouni
Alex and Lindsay Scalisi
Henrik Scheel and Eun Young Hwang
Paul and Natalie Scheuring
Mike and Laura Schierberl
Todd and Sarah Schneider
Steven and Karen Scholl
Matt and Danielle Schrader
Daniel and Whitney Schrauth
Jonathan Schwartz and Melanie Haase
Joshua and Carolyn Schwartz
Zachary and Lauren Segal
Margaret and Lane Shackleton
Adam and Wendy Shapiro
Mikhail and Alison Shemyakin
Catherine and James Sheppard
Daniel and Patricia Shore
Naomi Fullam and Zabe Siddique
Jonathan and Anne Sillcocks
Bianca and Bradley Sills
Jesse Silverstein and Merisa Piper
David and Staci Simonton
Nirupam Singh and Jennifer Widjaja
Daniel and Sabrina Sinton
Kevin and Millicent Skiles
Grant and Jennifer Slavin
Marc Sloan
Adam and Anne Slowik
Catherine Norris and Matt Small
Rebecca Katz and Andrew Smith
Gregory and Laney Smith
Robert Smith and Patricia Rodgers
Robin Smith
Sandra Sohcot
HoShin and Kathryn Song
Ben and Tina Soppitt
Emily and Nathan Spady
Don and Anita Sparks
Alicia and Michael Spence
Amy and Iksvaku Spencer
Craig Squires and Amanda Reeves
Ulrike Steinbach
Fred Stemmler and Corinne Stephenson
Daniel and Patricia Stevens
Cameron and Shana Stewart
Scott Stillman and Kara Bischoff
David and Melanie Stoll
Nate and Rebecca Stone
Matt and Rekha Strader
Matt Strain
Eric and Suzanne Strong
Lisa Suennen
Jared and Evelyn Sulem
Walter and Marcia Sulenta
Tamin Sun and Nobuko Hori
Ben and Carolyn Supple
Adriane Powell and Timothy Suzman
Eiko Takenaka
Joy Koh and Lizhi Tan
Michael and Larisa Tempero
Marc Terrier and Julie Milam
Stephanie and Patrick Terry
Emmeline Yu and Brad Tewksbury
Antony Thier and Jasmine Delung
Bryan Thornton and Emily Uhlhorn
Ogen Tsomo and Ogyen Thrinlay
Gannon and Jennifer Tidwell
Monika Szamko and Howard Ting
David Tollen and Wendy Pagett-Tollen
Nick Tomnay and Heidi Arkinstall
Sarah and David Toomey
Mary Laux and Justin Torkelson
Eric and Stephanie Toscano
Marty and Elizabeth Toth
Satoko and Koji Tsutsui
Eamonn and Lindsey Tucker
Nathan Tyler
Stoyan Vassilev and Stanislava Stancheva
Charlie and Olivia Vaughan-Griffith
Paul and Annette Venables
Adam Violich
Fiona Miller & Anastasia Vrachnos
Sarah and Eric Vreede
Heather and Kim Wagner
Mallary and Jonathan Walker
Chongyi Wang and Jingjing Xie
Sabrina Lo and Paul Wanveer
Adam and Monika Watkins
Ashley and Michael Watts
Daniel Weaver
Clark and Celese Weber
Penny Weiss
Duncan and Vanessa Welstead
Jim Welte and Heidi Kotansky
Stefan Welter and Christina Mueller
Benjamin and Kate Wesson
Doug and Kristin White
Andrew and Christina Whiteside
Christopher and Andrea Whitmore
John Whorton and Katy Hunt Whorton
Tyler and Charlotte Will
Anoeschka Dierx and Johan Wilms
Lee and Celine Wilson
Sean and Julie Winchester
William Winkelstein
Doyle Wiseman
Timothy Wojtaszek
Mark and Beth Wolly
Lisa Wolter
Jennifer and Charlie Wray
David and Joy Wygant
Pat and Margaret Yaeger
Danielle and Abe Yokell
Brooke Finkmoore and David Youmans
Matt Young and Katie Parson
Kurt and Amy Zech
ZimmerCoombs Family Trust Donor Fund
Neda Ratanawongsa and Jeffrey Zimmet
Carter and Karen Zinn