2023 - 2024 School Year Donor List
for Kiddo! General Operating Fund and Kiddo! Endowment for the Arts

*Thank you so much for your generosity.  Please search for your name in the search field below. If you don’t see your name, and you have made a donation, please contact the Kiddo! office.

Please note that this list does NOT include the following:

a. Families that have requested to be anonymous
b. Families that have set up payment plans whose initial donation has not yet occurred; monthly donations only occur once a month.
c. Families that have donated through their employee giving program, but Kiddo! has not yet received the donation.
d. Families that made a pledge, but the donation has not yet been received.
e. Families that have donated via eCheck will experience a 10-day merchant services verification delay
f. Families that donated at the Kiddo! Gala to the Teacher Grants Fund, as that is a fund that does not count toward the General Operating Fund. The General Operating Fund is the fund which collects the traditional per-student donation, and benefits all students in the district.

DONORS AS OF 9/18/2023
Gregg and Janine Adam
Noah and Jennifer Agard
Yvonne Allison
Crystal and Michael Anglen
Chris and Candace Archer
Jeremiah and Christy Atkisson
Mary Back
Michael Barker and Beth Cohen
Rob and Juliette Bartlett
Marilee Bear
Sarah and Brooks Beard
Meg Belichick
Christopher and Margaret Benford
Cassandra Beresini
Bill and Sally Berger
Greg and Milana Berguig
Mery Cueva and David Bernuy
Seth and Jacqueline Besse
James and Emily Blaine
Erin and Brent Blanchard
Jeffrey and Downey Blount
David Boehle and Julia Vinyard
Shawn and Haley Borisoff
Marcela Cortes and Juan Botero
Sarah Bothe
Adam Boutin and Katharine Hemmerling
Michael and Cristina Bradford
Graham and Talia Brandt
William and Julie Bremer
Ralph and Lumilla Brott
Leigha Heydt & Shannon Brundieck
Joliz Buchanan
Amanda and Frank Busch
Steve and Brianna Byun
Lydia and Wesley Caddell
Peter and Natalie Cann
Ming Cao and Wenrui Lai
Adrian Carvalho and Kristen Nicita
Keith and Radiance Chapman
Richard Chapman and Sonia Martin
Wilson and Sherene Chen
Heather Childs
Mark and Kathleen Chu Cheong
Matthew Clare and Lindsay Gehman
Douglas and Lally Clark
Alex and Priya Clemens
David and Amy Cole
Carlo Corea and Myrtha Cesar
Luis Costa and Alison Kewley
Michelle Cove
Scott and Carolyn Dahlman
Pete and Maggie Davies
Patricia Robbins and Ethan Davis
Artemio de Pala and Amanda Wilkins
Jonathan and Chelsea De St. Paer
Cathy and Dwain Deets
The del Castillo Family
Sarah and Olivier Delerm
Jim and Barbara Derich
Brian and Deborah Desmond
Dayna Mullins Desmond
Greg Desmond
Jonathan Dodson and Kathy Isola
Eliot and Stephen Donahue
Richard and Tiffany Donohue
Linda Doran
Matthew and Alison Dunn
Justin and Avra Durack
Jeffrey East
Jonathan Eastman and Stefanie Grossman
Eric and Heather Eberhardt
Christine and William Edwards
Nate Eick
Ebru Elliott
Michael and Meghan Ellis
Brian Esquivel
Julie Miller Everett
Zachary and Rachel Felson
Nicholas Ferrari and Toby Kaufmann
Nancy Chorne and Peter Fleming
Geoffrey and Susan Flint
Lou Florival and Laura Nichols
Adam and Melanie Foltz
Ben and Kathleen Fort
Denis Fraisse and Laetitia Comps-Agrar
Bess and Peter Friday
Marcus and Gabrielle Gaetani
Michael and Courtney Gaiman
Holly Garrison
Bill and Molly Getty
Roger Gold
Kent and Lauren Goldman
Josh and Jamie Goldstein
Paul Grana and Courtney DiCarlo
Martin and Joan Grasser
Brian Grenko and Alicia Stevenson
Christian Hackett and Dabney Ingram
Peter and Marcella Hamann
Jessica and Jeffrey Hamrick
Lauren Hancock
Christopher and Morgan Harding
Lindsay Harris and Brian Israel
Shirley Hasley
Dr. Gary Hayes and Nhon Nguyen
Susan Wlodarczyk and Chase Heaton
Igor Heaven
Peter and Genevieve Hekemian
Juliet Hickey
Jason and Sam Hicks
Michael Hoefer and Zhoujie Zhu
Paige Farnell and Brian Horger
Richard and Jamie Horvath
Simone Howard
Morgan and Russell Howson
Eliza and Brandon Jewett-Hall
Carl and Monique Johnson
Kara Johnson and Brendan Farnell
Mark Jones and Shaina Kerrigan
Bessie Mitskaris & Emmanuel Kaliontzakis
Brian and Amy Kaminski
Henry Kan and Carmel Chan
Daniel and Ann Kaplan
Peter and Megan Karlen
Gregory and Jenna Kasavin
Natalie and Allon Katz
Charles and Natalie Kay
Brian and Trish Keane
Raymond and Heather Keane
Quinci Kelly
Francis and Elizabeth Kernan
Kevin and Kim Kissling
Laurie Banducci and Mario Klip
Anders and Julie Knox
Jeff and Ninna Kumataka
Clementina Kun
Matthew Kweder and Melinda Fishel
Anne-Elise and Drew Lansdown
Amelia and Michael LaPlante
Hillary and Andrew Lazarus
Char and Ian Leary
Christopher Lee and Catherine Cheung
Anne Bargiacchi & Matthieu Legrand
Ben Lenail, in memory of Judy Cooper
Aimee and Brett Levin
Marc and Jill Lieberman
Hans and Shujie Loedolff
Brittain and Gregory Long
Adam and Mara Lowry
Corey Lydstone and Adriana Roche
James Scott Mackenzie and Sarah Rowell
Noemie Magoutier
Pamela and Ted Mao
Oshik and Daniel Maoz-Metzl
Richard and Kristy Marino
Kevin Marshall and Eliza Mccaw
Bria Larson and Daniel Martin
Krystle and Paul Martinez
James Mauch and Megan Jochimsen
Steve and Christine Maxwell
Mike and Nicole McClay
Doug and Kailyn McCracken
Lane and Amy Mccrea
Will and Airin McGinness
Matthew and Erin McMahon
Erick Mechler
Brad and Christian Michael
Linda Brune and Erin Frazier
Jim and Libby Mitchell
Steve and Kate Mnich
Carlos and Emily Montalvan
Tom and Jenna Moore
John and Elizabeth Moriarty
William Morris and Monica Castro
Michael and Michelle Morrone
Kate and Eric Morse
Rachel and John Morse
Jay and Alex Mortenson
Emily and Pascal Mouret-lafage
Greg Musick and Dimitra Havriluk
Dana Myers and Andrew Schober
Dev and Sarah Nag
Michel and Francisco Narganes
Paul and Evelyn Nichols
Jason Nielsen and Grace White
Sasha and Eric Noller
Michelle and Michael Novotny
Aron Nussbaum and Tania Sadoun
Robert and Alexandra Palmer
James Pappas and Kristen Kotik
Howard and Martha Parker
Michael Parvin
Thomas and Theresa Pickard
Todd Pound and Tiffany Forner
Sterling and Lisa Pratz
Susan Price
Todd and Mary Michael Pringle
Sarah Pruden
Elizabeth Sklar and Matthew Purdon
Will and Emily Purdy, in Honor of Ruby S
Melissa Quigg
Sarah and Ariel Rabin
Brian Radics and Natasha Kindergan
George and Karen Rathman
Brianne and Travis Read
Jeffrey and Stefanie Reinstein
Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds Fund
Jonathan Rhodes
Peter and Brenda Rice
Adrienne and Jason Richter
Nancy Roen
John and Mercedes Rojas
Jesse and Danielle Roselin
Jerome Rossen and Sandra Bragar
Benjamin Rothstein and Dana Feigenbaum
Richard and Nora Rupp
Amanda and Joseph Sandler
Eduardo Santacana and Laura Schoenherr
Margaret Sarratt
Alex and Lindsay Scalisi
Carrie Brandes and Michael Schnabel
Steven and Karen Scholl
Matt and Danielle Schrader
Andrew and Rachel Schumont
Joshua and Carolyn Schwartz
Kate and Dylan Scott-Dawkins
Zachary and Lauren Segal
Johan and Clover Sellden
Margaret and Lane Shackleton
Catherine and James Sheppard
Monica and Peter Sicilia
Loren Siebert and Abigail Pease
Jonathan and Anne Sillcocks
Bianca and Bradley Sills
Brooke and Mark Simmons
Nirupam Singh and Jennifer Widjaja
Daniel and Sabrina Sinton
Zander and Antonia Sivyer
Nina Ni and Alex Slack
Marc Sloan
Rebecca Katz and Andrew Smith
Robert Smith and Patricia Rodgers
Andrei and Diana Soare
Don and Anita Sparks
Brian and Fernanda Stefanick
Cameron and Shana Stewart
Scott Stillman and Kara Bischoff
Matt and Rekha Strader
Walter and Marcia Sulenta
Tamin Sun and Nobuko Hori
Adriane Powell and Timothy Suzman
David and Mary Beth Todd
Nick Tomnay and Heidi Arkinstall
Mary Laux and Justin Torkelson
Eric and Stephanie Toscano
Tracy Tran - In Memory of Judy Cooper
Satoko and Koji Tsutsui
Eamonn and Lindsey Tucker
James A Tustin Family Fund in Memory of
Jessamyn Jones and Matthew Twomey
Nathan Tyler
Charlie and Olivia Vaughan-Griffith
Boriana and Stefaans Viljoen
Adam Violich
Heather and Kim Wagner
Mallary and Jonathan Walker
Chongyi Wang and Jingjing Xie
Adam Watkins and Monica Pataye
Clark and Celese Weber
Penny Weiss
Benjamin and Kate Wesson
Doug and Kristin White
Tyler and Charlotte Will
Lee and Celine Wilson
Danielle and Abe Yokell
Matt Young and Katie Parson
Kurt and Amy Zech
Neda Ratanawongsa and Jeffrey Zimmet
Carter and Karen Zinn