Thanks to generous parent and community support of Kiddo! and the Kiddo! Endowment for the Arts, students in the Mill Valley School District receive a well-rounded arts education in elementary and middle school.  This broad education helps Mill Valley students reach their full potential.

Sarah Moses

Sarah Moses Senior, New York University's Tisch School of the Arts; Internship, Executive Producer's Office for ‪Saturday Night‬ Live; writing and producing for film and TV, and developing a feature-length film.‬

“Though I was extremely shy in elementary school, I found my voice through the Kiddo! art and music programs, which gave me the tools to express myself visually and vocally. Through the chorus program, I conquered my fear of speaking and performing in public, developing skills that now enable me to stand in front of my class of 150 students and read my script aloud. Through the art program, I found a passion for visual expression, leading me on the path to film and television. Kiddo! gave me the gift of creativity, and without those early years of art and music, I would not be where I am today.”

Ben Weinswig

Ben Weinswig Professional Drama Training Program, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, the #6 acting school in the world; former member of Tam High’s Conservatory Theatre Ensemble.

“I believe in my heart that without the early introduction to singing, and the opportunity I had at MVMS to find my artistic voice through Kiddo! programs, I wouldn’t have developed the confidence or courage to discover acting in the way that I have. Before taking choir in sixth grade, I had never experienced the joy of expressing myself artistically. The opportunity to sing with other kids my age brought a new excitement and fire into my life. Chorus also helped me gain the courage to participate in a musical for the first time, one of my fondest memories from middle school. I am forever grateful to Kiddo! for offering programs every year for kids, just like me, who are so lucky to be given a taste of the arts.”

Kama Hagar

Kama Hagar Student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with degree in Fashion Design and pursuing degree in Business Management with a focus on Beauty Industry Management. At fourteen started Kut, by Kama, a sustainable T-Shirt line of "renovated" tops, and recently founded Kama Organics, an all-natural, organic skincare line.

“I'm sure that having art in my school routine helped me discover my creativity and refine what I wanted to do. Children must be exposed to some kind of a creative process in order to realize their talents and capabilities. Especially in this rigid modern world, where parents push their kids harder and harder in the school years, Kiddo! is a light in the tunnel--or a fun, necessary pretty little curve in the sharp square. Kids need to be free to express themselves. It's part of discovering who you truly are, and it's rad that Kiddo! gives them a means to do so.”