Sheila Campbell, Art Teacher

Jeanine Flowers-Dworak

Spanish Teacher

With an undergraduate degree in sociology from University of Californa at Santa Barbara and a teaching degree from California State University at Sacramento, Jeanine Flowers-Dworak left a teaching position at the Bahia Vista School in San Rafael to join the Mill Valley School District in 2019 as a Kiddo!-funded Spanish teacher. Flowers-Dworak brings years of experience to her new position, having taught for over 20 years in the Bay Area and beyond. Most of Flowers-Dworak’s career has been spent teaching either Spanish as a second language and ELD (English Language Development. The bulk of her teaching career was spent as a bilingual teacher in Napa, California, where she taught for nearly 10 years. A parent who has volunteered in many capacities for the Mill Valley School District at Tam Valley, Mill Valley Middle and onward at Tamalpais High School, Flowers-Dworak’s other passions include writing, hiking, visiting the beach, traveling, and reading books.