Jackie LaLanne, Art Teacher

Jackie LaLanne

Art Teacher

Jackie LaLanne graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Masters Degree in Art Education. She loves teaching art and making photographs, which she says have a lot in common: discovering, making, envisioning, sharing, and having fun. She teaches photography as part of her students' art learning and she says, "It is so important for students that have difficulty with spelling, writing or drawing. They are able to communicate using photography as their form of literacy and art."

LaLanne, who can often be found in the art room wearing the earrings she made from her old bike lock keys, has been teaching elementary art curriculum in Mill Valley public schools for many years. She is an accomplished artist, teacher, and photographer and has created wonderful collaborative textile projects for her two grandchildren.

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  • Art Classes for Grades K, 3-5

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