Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts program, students learn to express themselves through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, and photography. In addition, students consider art in terms of aesthetics, art history, and art criticism.

Kiddo! provides funding for weekly specialized art instruction.

In Middle School students choose a Kiddo!-funded elective in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  About half of Middle School students elect to attend the Kiddo!-funded art elective.  Students that opt for the art elective attend two art classes per week for the entire year.

Kiddo! also provides funding for art supplies and equipment for all K-8 art classes.

Note: The Mill Valley School District manages the academic and administrative business for each school and subject — for both District- and Kiddo!-funded teachers and programs — including curriculum development, staffing, teacher professional development, class registration, grading, etc.

For more information about the Mill Valley School District, visit them online.

Kiddo Arts!

Elementary School Art Teachers:

Middle School Art Teachers:

Jackie LaLanne: Edna Maguire and Park
Nance Miller: Edna Maguire and Old Mill
Gwen Perin: Park and Strawberry Point
Patricia Tarigo Skerrett: Strawberry Point and Tam Valley
Sheila Campbell: Tam Valley and Old Mill

Julie Leonard
Kim Tran
Katie Thiel

Kiddo Arts!