Our school district technology plan states that technology in education should prepare students to be competent, responsible users in their academic studies and in their future career choices.

They should also be able to capitalize on the opportunities that technology offers to broaden their educational experience and develop and nurture their information literacy. Technology allows students to be successful in a rapidly changing world, and provides students and teachers with the tools and skills needed to support learning in all subjects.

From 2014-2020, in support of the district's Technology Strategic Plan, Kiddo! provided funding for the district-wide Instructional Technology Coach.

In recent years, Kiddo! has purchased laptop mobile computer carts for each elementary school, multi-media carts for the middle school, and computers for the Middle School Library.

Kiddo! also provided funding for the first year’s lease of 150 teacher laptops which began the teacher laptop program in 2005, and purchased four iPad carts and technology training for Middle School teachers as they began to implement mobile devices in curricular areas and classroom instruction.

Note: The Mill Valley School District manages the academic and administrative business for each school and subject — for both District- and Kiddo!-funded teachers and programs — including curriculum development, staffing, teacher professional development, class registration, grading, etc.

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Kiddo Arts!

Technology Coach:

Kate Sprague: Mill Valley School District