Kiddo! provides the funding for a poetry program for all 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. You would be surprised at the imaginative, thoughtful, and articulate ways young minds can express themselves.

Through California Poets in the Schools, a community-based poetry education program operating since 1964, tomorrow’s “laureates” will learn to create poems using various prompts. As poet and poetry teacher Karen Benke explains, “Poetry helps us peel back the layers of our lives and look at the ordinary in a way we haven’t before.” After reading poetry their children have written, parents often are surprised at their depth of emotion and complexity of ideas. Read on, and you’ll see what we’re talking about…

Loud And Quiet

When a jackhammer sings its
Bone rattle song, it’s loud.
When a snake coils with icy confidence,
Poised ready to spring, it’s quiet.
When a battle drum is pounded,
Yelling a pang of fear, it’s loud.
When an entire football stadium holds its breath,
Waiting to see if the kick is good, it’s quiet.
When a fire crackles and snaps in
Burning rage, it’s loud.
When a lonely, forgotten balloon drifts
On a high blue breeze, it’s quiet.
Silence is the absence of sound,
And thus it never is.
JESSE, Sixth Grade, Mill Valley Middle School
Rod Septka, Classroom Teacher
Michele Rivers, Poet-Teacher

Note: The Mill Valley School District manages the academic and administrative business for each school and subject — for both District- and Kiddo!-funded teachers and programs — including curriculum development, staffing, teacher professional development, class registration, grading, etc.

For more information about the Mill Valley School District, visit them online.


Little diamonds
in the
on gold stems
in the
light of
CHINA, 3rd Grade Old Mill School
Denise Strecker, Classroom Teacher
Sasha Eakle, Poet Teacher

My hands

My hands
Can draw animals.
My hands
Can write poems.
My hands
Can do push-ups.
My hands
Can tickle
My dad.
My hands
Can climb
MICHAEL, 1st grade, Strawberry Point School
Jan Bolgla, Classroom Teacher
Sasha Eakle, Poetry Teacher