Kiddo!-Funded Programs

Kiddo! helps Mill Valley's school children reach their full potential through an impressive variety and depth of programs. For more information, click on the following Kiddo! funded programs.

Thanks For Supporting Kiddo! Here's What You Fund

What Kiddo Funds: Art
What Kiddo Funds: Dance
What Kiddo Funds: Drama
What Kiddo Funds: Music
What Kiddo Funds: Innovative Teaching Grants
What Kiddo Funds: Poetry
What Kiddo Funds: Kiddo Funded Teachers

We can all take great pride as a community in the opportunities we provide our students through support from Kiddo!. Each year we start at $0, and as our Annual Campaign progresses, with thanks to contributions from parents, grandparents, businesses, and members of our community, Kiddo! is able to provide funding in support of quality educational programs in the arts and other areas for each child in the Mill Valley School District.

This funding includes direct support for 30 teachers and specialists, including the following programs:

Studio-based Art in every grade
General Music in grades K-5
Poetry in grades 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Dance in grades K, 4 and 5
Curriculum-based Performing Arts program in grades 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8
Chorus for grades 3-8
Choir, Bel Canto for grades 6-8
Band for grades 5-8
Jazz Band, Guitar Ensemble, Bluegrass Band, & World Music Ensemble for grades 6-8
Orchestra for grades 4-8
Robotics and Music Technology for grades 6-8
Innovative Teacher Grants for grades K-8

View all Kiddo!-sponsored programs by school.

If you have not yet made your contribution to Kiddo! for this school year, please donate at your earliest convenience. Our requested donation is $1350 per child, however, any amount that works for your family is greatly appreciated. Our goal every year is to get to 100% participation.

Here’s to a great school year! Thank you for all of your support!!