Kiddo! Spotlight: 8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art students from MVMS displayed their talent last month on a walking field trip to Mill Valley’s historic Depot Plaza, where they created stunning works in chalk across the entire square. Approximately 200 art students worked in teams to create about 40 art reproductions on the brick plaza. Among the artists honored this year were David Flores, Mary Southall, and Wayne Thiebaud.

“As an art educator, I wanted my students to experience making art with the purpose of beautifying a public space and educating the viewer,” Julie has said. Since then, almost 600 8th grade artists have taken part in this annual tradition. By recreating famous works of California artists, the student artists connect local art history with process and technique, in a medium that wears off with the passage of time. 

Ms. Leonard has been taking this field trip with her 8th grade art students since 2013, when she first approached the City of Mill Valley with her idea. “I love that this has become a trip that art students can look forward to experiencing in their last year at MVMS,” she said. “We hope to do it every year.”

You can read more about Julie Leonard here. Art education in Mill Valley public schools from transitional Kindergarten to 8th grade is funded by parent donations to Kiddo!, whose 2016-17 campaign kicked off on May 6.