Congratulations to Our Latest Featured Artists

Kiddo!’s latest art show at the Mill Valley Community Center will feature the work of these artists:


Edna Maguire Elementary
Shae L., Kindergarten
Andrew P., Kindergarten
Ryan S., 1st grade
Axel B., 2nd grade
Wyatt H., 3rd grade
William P., 3rd grade
Noah R., 3rd grade
Elsen P., 4th grade
Willem M., 5th grade

Mill Valley Middle School
Ella M., 6th grade
Elise I., 6th grade
Brooks H., 6th grade
Tyler E., 6th grade
Darius S., 7th grade
Diego S., 7th grade
Mia W., 7th grade
Grace P., 8th grade
Anna R., 8th grade
Quinlan K., 8th grade

Old Mill School
Sadie H., Kindergarten
Harrison D., 1st grade
Lachlan P., 1st grade
Madison E., 2nd grade
Reese H., 5th grade
Sienna K., 5th grade
Sarah K., 5th grade

Park School
Lily V., Kindergarten
Catherin G., 1st grade
Zelda H., 1st grade
Austin I., 2nd grade
Michael M., 5th grade
Ella W., 5th grade
Emma W., 5th grade

Strawberry Point
Ellabelle L., Kindergarten
Don G., 2nd grade
Alban R., 2nd grade
Kaden K., 3rd grade
Streeter H., 5th grade

Tam Valley
Hudson B., Kindergarten
Skye S., Kindergarten
Arianna K., 3rd grade
Sabine B., 5th grade
Raef B., 5th grade
Liberty C., 5th grade
Vivienne K., 5th grade