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Business Partner Spotlight: Nadine Donalds

Coldwell Banker

It was back in Newton, Massachusetts as a 7th grader singing in a traveling choir named the Troubadors, that Nadine Donalds fell in love with music. She’d enter the auditorium with her singing mates from the back of the theater, file on to the stage, all the while not missing a note of “Dona Nobis Pacem.”

“I was so thrilled and proud,” remembers Donalds, a local realtor with Coldwell Banker. “Our choir was truly amazing, and we sounded incredible.”

Experiences like those with her choir eventually led Donalds -- whose own children would later have their own memorable musical experiences courtesy of Kiddo!-funded programs at Old Mill School -- to team up with Kiddo!. For the past two years Donalds has been a Kiddo! business partner, and she looks forward to re-upping her partnership in the years to come. Donalds originally got involved with Kiddo! shortly after her family relocated from Connecticut to Mill Valley.

 I remember how special music was to my life and education," says Donalds, whose first job upon arriving in Mill Valley was as a Kiddo!-funded classroom aide in one of the two 4th grade classrooms.  "This is one of the many reasons why I value Kiddo! and support their mission. The enrichment and extracurricular activities that Kiddo! funds are an important part of a well-rounded education, and where kids are able to express themselves in creative and meaningful ways."

Donalds’ eventual  journey into real estate was inspired by her late mother and mentor, Georgette Iskandar. With her mother's legacy guiding her, Donalds, a first-generation Egyptian, has found success and fulfillment in the career she embarked upon after leaving her job at Old Mill. Her office in downtown Mill Valley is the hub of her passion for helping clients navigate one of life's most important decisions - buying or selling a home. And her dedication to her clients, combined with her natural strengths and skills, make her a trusted advisor and a valuable asset to the community.

With roots now firmly planted in Mill Valley, Donalds’ vibrant energy and enthusiasm are contagious, as she brings a unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication to everything she does. Whether supporting Kiddo!, guiding clients in real estate, or cherishing the memories of her own children's experiences at Old Mill, Donalds is a shining example of what it means to make a difference in the community. And her unwavering commitment to excellence makes her a true asset and a beloved member of the Mill Valley family.