Kiddo! Finances
Where They Come From and Where They Go


In the 1970s, changes in California property tax laws cut deeply into public school funding, and the budget situation is not much better today. If not for private contributions, our children would not receive a well-rounded education, which includes programs in music, art, poetry, drama, P.E. and dance. In addition, classroom and library aides and technology support continue to be areas in need of support. Private funds make up that difference.


Kiddo!’s Annual Giving Campaign, which kicks off each May with Donation Day, funds programs for the upcoming school year, and generates the vast majority of the revenues needed to fund Kiddo! programs. Currently, more than 80% of Kiddo!'s annual revenue is donated by generous families in the Mill Valley School District and community.

Our Business Partnership Program generates another 8% of Kiddo! revenue through the support of the local community and parent-owned businesses. All revenue received through the Annual Giving Campaign and Business Partnership Program is used to fund our programs.

Kiddo!’s Endowment Fund distribution represents approximately 6% of Kiddo!'s annual revenue. Remaining revenues are generated by special events and other sources, including Shop-for-Kids (eScrip and other shopping programs) which costs donors nothing.  Additional revenue for the Kiddo! Endowments from special events and contributions are not reflected in these figures.


Kiddo! provides the funding for the Mill Valley School District’s art, music, drama, dance and poetry teachers.

Over 10% of our budget paid for Physical Education. An additional 12% of the Kiddo! budget paid for  classroom and library aides. All teachers and specialists work closely with classroom teachers to help reinforce core academic curriculum and to make school an experience that lasts a lifetime. Kiddo! works hard to ensure that the maximum percentage of funds raised go directly into programs for kids.

Thanks to our working Board of 26 volunteer parents and countless other volunteers, Kiddo! is able to allocate 90% of annual income directly into programs for kids. Because of our organizational integrity, financial accountability and transparency, Kiddo! has earned 4 out of 4 stars from Charity Navigator and Platinum status on GuideStar.

Kiddo Budget 2017-18

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