Board of Directors / Advisors
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Our Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers from each of the six schools in the Mill Valley School District, as well as elementary and middle school teachers. In addition, the Kiddo! Executive Director, the MVSD Superintendent, the MVSD Director of Student Services, an MVSD principal, the PTA Council President, and one member of the MVSD School Board of Trustees attend meetings as members of the Advisory Board. Board meetings are held monthly when school is in session.

Our board members work together throughout the school year to ensure the financial health of Kiddo!, to manage our 11+ active committees, and to support Kiddo!’s vision of helping Mill Valley school children reach their full potential. Board meeting minutes are recorded by the board Secretary and approved by board members; Board minutes are independently audited annually. In addition, Board minutes can be viewed, by appointment, in the Kiddo! office with the Executive Director and/or a board member.

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Current Officers

Current Directors

Current Advisors

Elizabeth Kaufman, Superintendent
Laura Myers, MVSD Director of Curriculum & Student Services
Elli Abdoli, School Board
Natalie Katz, School Board
Em Lieginger, PTA Council President