Kiddo! 2018-19 Donors as of December 10, 2018

District Partners

School Partners

*Thank you so much for your generosity.  If you don’t see your name, and you have made a donation, please contact the Kiddo! office.

Please note that this list does NOT include the following:

a. Families that have requested to be anonymous
b. Families that have set up payment plans whose initial donation has not yet occurred; monthly donations only occur once a month.
c. Families that have donated through their employee giving program, but Kiddo! has not yet received the donation.
d. Families that made a pledge, but the donation has not yet been received.
e. Families that have donated via eCheck will experience a 10-day merchant services verification delay


Scott Aal and Julie Brown
Kia and Zane Abedin
Marco and Nurzhamal Acosta
Florence Adams
Alon and Nicole Adani
Robb Adkins and Rachel Ruffalo
Max Agajan and Sandra Sakai Agajan
Arif and Susan Akram
Stephanie Alamin
Michael and Julia Albee
Neil and Laura Alford
Geoff and Erin Allen
Richard and Mari Allen
Colin and Erin Alley
Kimberly Renga
Julie Althoff
Phil and Sabrina Ames
Giulio and Kelly Andreoli
Josh Andresen and Sara Heintzelman
Chadwick and Maria Andrews
Sheri and Noel Anenberg
Michael Angeles and Robin Smith
Chris and Candace Archer
Galen and Heather Archibald
Maximillian and Anna Louise Armour
Todd Arnold and Rosella Blanding
Scott and Rebecca Arwin
Ivan and Alicia Asensio
Elizabeth Lawler Ashley
Faisal Ashraf and Juwairiyya Nana
Christopher and Fawn Bailey
Donna Bailey
Jack Bailey and Abigail O’Leary
Molly and Sam Baker
Jerome Ballschmider and Kathleen Brennan
Deena Wardimon and Jonathan Bank
Gareth and Kristin Bannister
Jon and Alison Barad
Sean Barger and Lisa Haworth-Barger
Jim Barkovich and Karen Jernstedt
David Barnes and Monique Skruzny
Lee and Lisa Barnes
Cedric Barringer
Lisa Barringer
Rob and Juliette Bartlett
Andrew Basnight and Jenny Douglass
Molly and John Bass
Rebecca Beard
Jason Beccaris and Sally Burtle
Michael and Brooke Beck
Alison Cooke and Clark Beek
Kira and William Beer
Mark and Camilla Beevor
Jeff and Kathy Benendict
Christopher and Margaret Benford
Ken and Trudy Benny
Camara Bergren
Greg and Milana Berguig
Craig Berman and Debbi Kotlovker
Kenneth Bermudez and Chloe Jarvis
Joshua Bernstein and Josette Rivera
Michael and Kristina Betz
Elizabeth Ann Beyer
Kurt and Johanna Beyer
Michael and Patricia Bigelow
Daniel and Betsy Bikle
Gavin and Jessica Birmingham
BJ Conrad Family Fund
Michael and Sarah Blanchard
Erika and Peter Blitzer
Neal and Ashley Block
Jeffrey and Downey Blount
Dan and Jennifer Blumhardt
Nickolay and Betty Bochilo
Nick and Hanna Bockh
Joe Bodovitz
John and Laura Bodt
Rob and Sheena Bogan
Jan Bolgla and Bob Wisner
David and Kelsey Boole
Jon Boone
Melinda Booth
Nick Borella and Nichole Rozakos
Courtney Boscoe
Nate and Maria Bosshard
Demetri Botaitis and Veronica Rubio
Marcela Cortes and Juan Botero
Garin and Lisa Bougie
John and Samantha Bovich
Steve Bower and Barbara Pierce
Brett and Odette Boyd
Diane Boyd and Stephen Agar
Ian Boyd and Cori Barrett
Jim Boyle and Sasha Faulkner
John and Gretchen Boyle
John and Susan Boyle
Christopher and Nathalie Brand
Graham and Talia Brandt
James and Christine Brandt
Anne and James Brat
Scott and Elke Bray
William and Julie Bremer
Michael and Ashley Bressler
Hank and Lindsay Brier
Rina Neiman and Walter Brill
Antoninho Brito and Ronelia Oliveira
Ken and Jackie Broad
Tracy and Shelby Brock
Adam Brodsley and Justine Baum
Dave and Holly Brousseau
Edward and Jessica Brown
Jeffrey and Genevieve Brown
Roger Brown and Christina DiGrazia
Leigha Heydt & Shannon Brundieck
Jennifer Souza & Christian Bryndum
Andy and Leina Bryson
Peter and Carson Buck
Robin and Chris Bulger
Doug and Susan Burrows
Joe and Sarah Jayne Burton
Amanda and Frank Busch
Brice and Susan Butler
Nicholas and Courtney Butowski
James and Anne Buxton
Kim Byrne
Brian and Margaret Cabezud
Abe Cable and Kornelia Dormire
Jerry Cahill and Kathy King
Jennifer Caldwell
Alan and Sharon Callaghan
Louise Callagy
Ted Callagy
Matthew and Birgit Cameron
Blair Campbell
Lex Campbell and Bobbi Lynn Jones
Eric and Christina Campdoras
Matt Canepa
Joe and Lisa Canepari
Glenn and Leslie Canin
Michael Cann and Amanda Cole
Peter and Natalie Cann
Erica Dowell and Gennaro Cannelora
Robert Cannon and Victoria Cameron
Ming Cao and Wenrui Lai
Ricardo and Lisa Capretta
Zeke and Stacey Carder
Jonas Carlson and Michelle Lutz
Douglas and Julie Carlucci
Kelly and David Carmona
Cayce and Niting Carnahan
Andrew and Miranda Carpenter
Sonja Scharrer and Dante Carpinito
Thuy Carr
Adrian Carvalho and Kristen Nicita
Sara and Massimo Castellano
Tadashi Castillo Hi and Lorena Espino
Mauro and Anna Castro-Vonk
Shawn and Gino Cerchiai
Jonathan Cerne and Cory Mason
Susannah Kussmaul and Gabriel Chamie
Keith and Sarah Chan
Keith and Radiance Chapman
Kristen and Adnan Chaudhry
Justin and Sara Cheen
Wilson and Sherene Chen
Jonathan Cheung and Zoe Blair
Neil and Kate Chhabra
Ted and Jacqueline Chin
Winston Chiong and Julia Mitrevski
Shen-I Chiou and Hui-Li Lee
Brian and Megan Christensen
Gregory and Erin Christopher
Mark and Kathleen Chu Cheong
Alan Chui and Wei Wei Zhou
Andrew and Lora Churcher
Tino and Jill Ciambriello
Dan Ciccarone and Kim Koester
Joseph and Linsey Cioffari
Kevin and Carey Clahan
Andrew and Malin Clark
Michael Clark and Louis Hexter
Rodney and Catherine Clark
Iain Clayton and Laura Ling
Sean and Yvette Clemenza
Charlie Clifford and Tara Callahan
Francis Clifford
John and Justine Clifford
Michael and Lucie Clifford
Thomas Coates and Sarah Stuckey
Melissa and Andy Cohen
Eli and Allison Cohen
Robert Cohen and Amy Apple
Leslie Cohl
Lynn Brinton and Dan Cohn
Adam and Amanda Cole
Tracy and Nicholas Coley
David and Nicole Collman
Brett and Erin Conklin
Frank and Jennifer Connell
Bob and Michelle Connolly
Matthew and Renee Conrady
James and Shannon Constant
Scott and Tracy Cook
Mark and Lori Coopersmith
Carlo Corea and Myrtha Cesar
David and Jennifer Cormier
Joao and Tiiu Correia
PJ and Tracey Cosgrove
Yoon and Dan Costello
Douglas and Kim Costle
Michael and Kelly Couacaud
Jay and Josephine Courant
Charley and Rebecca Cover
Jennifer and Bryan Crawley
Cory and Windy Creath
The Crews Family
Thomas and Susanne Croley
Frederick and Jamie Crombie
Ryan and Rebekah Cunningham
Mark and Cara Curphey
Jonathan and Binay Curtis
Michael Cushing and Justine Reese
Scott and Carolyn Dahlman
Krishna and Jayesh Dalal
Scott and Julie Dalton
Clare Parker and Nick Damner
Christian and Pamela Damsen
William and Cari Dauphinais
Pete and Maggie Davies
Cynthia Davis
Josh Davis and Lisa Haugen
Josh Davis and Jessica Nenner
Tenley Harrison and MacKenzie Davis
Robert and Laura Davis
Shaterra Davis
Tenki T. Davis
Scott and Dana Davol-Muxen
James and Gwen Day
Michael and Kelly Day
Michelle Day and Angela Raffo
Artemio de Pala and Amanda Wilkins
Jonathan and Chelsea De St. Paer
The del Castillo Family
Jaime del Palacio and Gabriela Dominguez
Mark Delamere and Taron McPhail
Sarah and Olivier Delerm
Aaron and Courtney Derby
Zack and Thais Derich
Kumar Desai and Elise Holland
Edwin DeShazo and Lisa Palter
Brian and Deborah Desmond
Dayna and Greg Desmond
Olivier Devanneaux and Armelle Laine
Brendan and Thao Devine
Brendan and Elizabeth Devlin
Jennee and Glenn DeVore
Michael DiComo and Monique Gougeon
Charles Dietrich and Megan Filippini
Nira and Eoin Doherty
Torkel Dominique and Jessica Turner
Eliot and Stephen Donahue
Kevin and Nadine Donalds
Michael and Colleen Donaldson
Richard and Tiffany Donohue
Todd and Bernadette Donovan
Scott and Cara Douglass
Chuck Dow and Beverly Coughlin
Erika Brost and Nick Drakulich
Scott and Kristi Duchon
Isai and Ada Duenas
Robert and Sabrina Dumas
Bernard and Rama Dunayevich
Michael Duncan and Thomas Richard
Scott and Laura Duncan
Shana and Seth Duncan
Erik Dunmire and Tina Christensen
Cutler and Jennifer Durkee
Jamie Durrani and Ann Wang
John and Jeanine Dworak
Eric and Heather Eberhardt
Eric and Erika Edelson
Bruce and Kirsten Edwards
Christine and William Edwards
Will and Alisa Egan
Steve and Sarah Egli
Ian Eliasoph and Masha Dabiza
Ebru Elliott
Joseph Elliott
Michael and Meghan Ellis
Theo and Carrie Emison
Joshua and Elizabeth Engel
Levent Ertaul and Simge Ulucam
Dwight and Amy Eschliman
Hafeez and Britta Esmail
Troy and Stacey Evans
Boriana and Benjamin Fackler
Adrian and Keely Fadrhonc
Vahid Faraji and Jessica Davaakhuu
Brendan Farnell and Kara Johnson
Kristy Farnsworth
Porter and Kathryn Farthing
Rainer and Helga Fasching
Jason and Samantha Fazio
Lori and Phillip Febbo
Ronn and Nancy Felder
Keith Feldman and Allison Harding
Zachary and Rachel Felson
John and Casey Ferrarone
John and Andrea Ferris
Mark and Tracy Ferron
Jason and Lorie Fiber
Douglas Fiek
Kimberly Fiek
Darin and Amy Fierstein
Jose and Laura Figueirinhas
Simon Fillat and Meghan Keeffe
Adam and Megan Filly
Greg Finney and Bay Bertea
John and Glaire Fischer
Andrew and Eileen Fisher
Emily Fishman
Erik and Megan Flatt
Alexander and Lynn Flint
Geoffrey and Susan Flint
Josh and Maggie Floum
Alex and Nicole Fong
Shanendoah and Michelle Forbes
Jenny Forman
William and Meghan Forman
Todd and Jackie Forrest
Ben and Kathleen Fort
Cheryle Foskett
Chris and Jennifer Foskett
Jennifer and Brian Foster
Andrew and Lisa Fox
David and Cindi Frame
Tim and Yara Fraser
David and Jennifer Freas
Michael and Christine Freda
Dylan Frederick and Chris Neely
Jeffrey Freedman and Marie Boylan
Gordon and Jane Friedman
Anthony and Maria Frisella
Ken and Vanessa Frost
Chris Fuller and Sharoni Jacobs
Rick and Ahtossa Fullerton
Scott and Heidi Fulton
Dan Furhman and Claire Sebastian
Marcus and Gabrielle Gaetani
Matthew Galland
Lily Ruane and Mark Ganderton
Peter and Gina Gardner
Sarah Garlick and Matthew Peterson
Holly Garrison
Neal and Elena Garton
Jeffrey and Hilarie Gates
Milo and Lisa Gates
“Dora Gavros DDS”
Kirk and Tracy Geist
Jeff and Amy Gelfand
Steve and Katharine Gensler
Steve and Susan George
Roger and Daria Gershman
Bill and Molly Getty
Kavoos and Naoko Ghandi
Stephen Gillespie and Shamini Dhana
Andrew and Jennifer Gillmer
Simon and Shannon Gillmore
Christopher and Susie Gilmor
James Goddard and Sharon Nakatani
Andrew and Shana Goldberg
Ken Goldberg and Tiffany Shlain
Stephen and Marly Goldblatt
Robert and Kara Goldenberg
Jonathan and Deborah Goldman
Kent and Lauren Goldman
Josh and Jamie Goldstein
Wes and Elizabeth Goldstein
Catherine Tracy and Pedro Gomez
Andrea Gonzalez
Michelle Gonzalez
Kelsey and Jordan Gootnick
Bill and Heather Gordon
Jonathan and Jacqueline Gottlieb
William and Lynn Graham
Jeffrey and Maria Graham
Lisa and David Grant
Eric and Lesley Grant
Martin and Joan Grasser
Jeffrey Grava
Jeremy Graveline and Jennifer George
David and Shaunna Green
Robert Green
Josh and Caitlin Greene
Trond Grenager and Heather Hughes
Brian Grenko and Alicia Stevenson
Robert Scott Griemsmann and Debbie Luft
Doug and Fay Griffin
Edward and Kris Grossman
Joseph and Alexis Gulash
Mark and Christine Gustavson
Julian Guthrie and Jerry McNerney
Christian Hackett and Dabney Ingram
Michael and Lesley Hagele
Jennifer and Fredrik Hakanson
Christopher and Christina Hale
Jane Hall
Michael and Denise Halloran
Erik and Sara Halterman
John Hamer and Patricia Claure
Brad and Lauren Hancock
Joshua and Halicue Hanna
Joss and Diane Hanna
TJ and Sarah Hannigan
John and Valerie Hansel
Matthew and Elizabeth Harrell
Amy Harris
David and Krista Harris
Jonathan Harris
Raymond and Valerie Harrison
Mike and Nicki Harrosh
David and Margaret Hartman
Dain Hasson and Katie Peng
Lucas and Andrea Hatch
Alexander and Sara Hawley
Brad and Natasha Hayes
Derek and Connilee Hayes
Gary Hayes and Nhon Nguyen
Julianna and Mark Hayes
Peter and Genevieve Hekemian
Christopher and Megan Heller
Jack and Tammy Herndon
Christopher Hess and Theresa Allison
Jonathan and Alexandra Hess
Mark and April Heynen
Jason and Sam Hicks
Bill and Vanessa Higgins
Paige Hillegass
Jeff and Laurel Hilton
David and Anna Hindley
David and Shari Hinds
Scott Hines and Rachel Howard-Hines
Paul and Ruth Hirner
Amy Hirsch
David and Angela Hisanaga
Betty Lee-Hoang and Tuan Hoang
Jake and Kimberly Hobson
Robin Ackley and Mike Hochanadel
Lenny and Jen Hochschild
Michael and Grace Hochstoeger
Andrew and Candida Hoeberichts
Faith Bruins and Charles Hoefer
Kristin Calandra and Brian Holden
Thomas Holden and Tracy Ebbert
Mei Li and Matthew Hollander
Patrick and Marianna Holman
Christina Hom
Roseanne Hoo
Peter Hood and Dawn Charlton
Nick and Nancy Hoppe
Paige Farnell and Brian Horger
Douglas and Eiko Horngrad
Fritz and Joan Hottenstein
Will and Heather Howard
Steven and Grace Howell
Chris and Patty Hubbard
Andrew and Cary Hueser
David and Danielle Hughes
Jim and Emily Hughes
Dane and Kristin Hulquist
Jillian Rudman and Jim Humes
Jeffrey and Rachael Hunter
Shannon Groff and Todd Hurlbut
Thomas and Tinsley Hutson-Wiley
Marcello and Lindsey Indelicato
Christina and John Inglis-Arkell
Chris Ingoldsby and Christi Holbrook
Salim Islam and Karen Hauer
David and Randi Ismailer
Eric and Emily Issadore
Mark and Rebecca Jackson
Bradly Jacobs and Julia Isen
Michael and Spencer Jacobs
Mark and Coreen Jamison
Mike and Lucinda Janover
Shahin Javaheri and Rosh Patel
Michael Jefferson and Kristin Freeland
Dan and Beth Jeffris
Marshall and Meredith Jensen
Eliza and Brandon Jewett-Hall
Nicole and Allan Johnson
Carl and Monique Johnson
Bennett and Jamie Johnston
Ryan and Patricia Johnston
Ken and Jennifer Jones
Michael and Becky Jorgenson
Angela Judge and Kevin Smith
Marianne Asadollah Kabir
Brian and Amy Kaminski
Henry Kan and Carmel Chan
Alexandria and Dustin Kanode
Daniel and Elizabeth Kaplan
Frank Karbe and Brianne Martin
Noriko Suzuki and David Kast
Lisa and Jed Katz
Paul and Meena Kavanagh
Tyler and Natalie Kay
Joseph Kayser and Leslie Myers
Tim and Julia Kazul
Brian and Trish Keane
Raymond and Heather Keane
Tom and Kira Keane
Darren Keast and Ellen Herbst
Melenie Keeffe
Victor and Beth Keenan
Reed and Kate Kellman
Dan and Lyra Kelly
Kathleen Kelly
Quinci Kelly
Thomas Kelly
John and Kirsten Kennel
Josh Keppel and Amy Berger
Francis and Elizabeth Kernan
Aleem Khaliq and Hanifa Baporia
Richard Kideckel and Mary Walsh
Cecil and Lisa Kift
Jerome Kim and Son-Hee Lyu
Austin and Kelly King
Kevin and Kim Kissling
Ted and Mai Klaassen
Peter and Naama Klatsky
Laurie Banducci Klip and Mario Klip
Brian and Maura Kneafsey
Kevin Kneafsy and Ashley Mevi
Victor and Sabina Knotter-Finney
Kevin and Katherine Knowles
Anders and Julie Knox
Timothy and Katrina Knudsen
Garrett Koehn
Michelle and Bryan Kohm
Andrey Kolesnikov and Jocelyn Arelt
Konstantin Kopachev and Viktoria Poniati
Denys Kovalchuk and Anastasia Bespalova
Arnaud and Grace Kraaijvanger
Markus and Hilde Kraemling
Richard and Sharon Kramlich
Randy and Susan Krings
Jeff and Kathryn Krischer
Nuria and Les Kruger
John and Mary Kuch
Jason and Michele Kuhns
Joseph Kumph and Cary McQueen
Dale Kunkel and Esther Chang
Clayton Kunz and Julie Mirocha
Justin Kuzmanich and Eden Ghebray
Matthew Kweder and Melinda Fishel
Cam Kwong and Karen Letteney
David and Patty LaDuke
Kelly Lahey
Vincent and Linda Lam
Bill Lampl and Kathleen Clifford
Christopher and Penny Lane
Josh and Kimberly Larson
Mary Beth Laughton and Brad Rodrigues
Louise and Bjorn Laurin
Mark and Lissa Lawler
Brandon Lawniczak and Suzanne Westphal
Craig and Janet Lawson
David Lazerwitz and Alyson Sinclair
Paul and Lynnann Lazzareschi
Peter Lea and Laurie Cummings
Char and Ian Leary
Christopher Lee and Catherine Cheung
Jason and Lea Lee
Wanjung Chu and Len Ren Lee
Natalie and Theodore Lee
Chris and Ines Lehman
Greg and Lisette Lehman
Anthony and Tatiana Leite
Yoav and Lilian Leitersdorf
Mike and Melissa Lemberg
Bill and Corinne Lenehan
Richard and Shannon Leonetti
Ran Leshem and Hilla Nattiv
Andrew and Kate Lesher
Arthur and Monika Lesniak
Reed and Glenna Letsinger
Sierra and Alexander Levine
Heather Prime and Andrew Levine
Daniel and Juliet Levinson
Doug Levinthal and Alexa Mimeles
Michael and Molly Levit
Aaron Lewis and Binbin Wang
Diane Woodhouse and Mike Lewis
Jie Li
David and Sheila Lichtblau
Gunther Lie and Nancy Alcott-Lie
Marc and Jill Lieberman
Todd Lieman and Lisa Kolb
Michael and Emily Ling
Paul and Jill Liszewski
Edward and ShiMin Liu
Benjamin and Nicola Livesey
Jeff and Linda Lockwood
Hans and Shujie Loedolff
Brittain and Gregory Long
Cheryl Loof
Jon and Gale Love
Peter and Emma Lovett
Glen and Sally Low
Austin and Amy Lowery
Adam and Mara Lowry
Robert Lucchese and Karen Argow
Peter and Lisa Lund
Marc and Jamie Lunder
Paul Lundgren and Chris Chorak
Kristin and Chris Lunny
Philippe and Sabine Lyko
Seamus and Vanessa Lyons
Tom and Erin Lyons
Ian and Dharma MacColl
Andrew and Gisella Mackay
Martin and Claire MacMillan
Jamie and Peter Macy
Shaun and Allison Madden
Abigail and Luke Maher
Michael and Cameron Mahoney
David and Cecily Mak
David and Andrea Mallard
Aravind and Laura Mani
Greg Maple and Gilda Malek
Christopher and Sylvia Marino
Richard and Kristy Marino
Rico and Margie Marquez
Steve and Hallie Marshall
Benjamin and Alisan Martin
Milan and Kerri Martin
Mark and Jodi Martini
Michael and Christine Mascott
John and Chantelle Masdea
Timothy and Rhys Mason
Scott and Heather Mathews
Jonathan and Erica Matney
Elena Matsis
Michael Maxson and Barbara McCollister
David and Roxanne May
Derek Chin and Monica May
Todd May and Kristen Martin
Emily and Chris Maynard
Brian McAndrews and Katie Shea
Michael McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy and Vanessa Jennings
William and Melissa McClatchy
Matthew and Elizabeth McClure
Doug and Kailyn McCracken
Douglas and Naomi McCracken
Xueyan and Mark McCubbin
John McDermott and Nikki McKennedy
Matthew and Kim McFerrin
Will and Airin McGinness
Gavin and Georgina McLeod
Matthew and Erin McMahon
Mark McManus and Quinn Rogers
Jeffrey and Alison Meadows
Patrick and Karen Meezan
Vincenzo and Kelli Melchiorre
Shane and Adam Meredith
John Merkl and Lisa Goodman
Adam and Allison Messner
Jason and Christie Michaels
Phil and Michele Mickelson
Scott and Loraine Migliori
John and Carol Milam
Alan Miller and Jayne McNicol
Brian and Jackie Miller
Jim and Tanya Miller
Patrick and Kelli Millette
The Milum Family
The Milum Family
Jasson and Andrea Minadakis
Ryan and Joanna Mindigo
Jim and Libby Mitchell
Peter and Maria Moeck
Benjamin and Shoshanna Moglen
Farzana Syed Umar & Mohamed Abdul Naz
Atabak Mokari and Kristen Hartley
Jonathan and Linda Moll
Anna Monge
Carlos and Emily Montalvan
Charles and Jacqueline Moore
David and Katherine Moore
Greg and Ronnie Moore
James and Jennifer Moore
Kent and Amanda Morales
John and Elizabeth Moriarty
Kelly Hoinacki and Julia Moriarty
Lincoln Morita
Jason and Jennifer Morris
William Morris and Monica Castro
Bill and Lea Morrison
Michael and Michelle Morrone
Rachel Farringer
Edward and Aubree Moselle
Don and Robin Moses
David Moskowitz and Jennie Robin
Jake Moskowitz and Genevieve Estilo
Drew and Melanie Mount
Emily and Pascal Mouret-lafage
Todd and Ruthie Moutafian
Babette Muench and Evangelos Mavridoglou
Charles and Keira Muller
Michael and Christine Murdoch
Brian and Candace Murphy
Greg and Tracy Murphy
Noel and Sonya Murphy
Peter Murphy and Elaine Yutan
Sean and Courtney Murphy
Taylor and Anne Murphy
Daniel and Eleanor Murray
Candice and Ryan Murray
Maurice and Gabrielle Muse
Jeff Musser and Rebecca Randall
Dana Myers
Evan and Andrea Nadel
Paul and Xiaoyan Nadler
Abdullah and Asia Nana
Chris and Jaclyn Napier
Michel and Francisco Narganes
Kassra and Jennifer Nassiri
Kelly and Mike Natenshon
Alan and Soo-Hi Nayer
Anton Nazarov and Victoria Nazarova
Chris Neal and Lisa Bloch
Jason and Anne Marie Neal
Elana and Joe Neiner
Keith and Christine Nesbit
Gerald Neugebauer and Eunice Hong
Michel and Norma Nevarez
Hall Newbegin and Laura Boles
Tyler and Laurel Newby
Jessica and Alan Newman
Gabriel and Susie Ngarangad
Duy and Nhu Y Nguyen
Mark Nieker and Nancy Siadek
Gareth Noonan and Sarah Butler
Sean and Kristen Norton
Paul and Elizabeth Norwood
Michelle and Michael Novotny
Nanea Meyer and Peter Nurney
Mrs. Elizabeth Oates
Jeffrey O’Brien and Heather Barberie
Steve and Miranda O’Connell
Brian and Chris O’Keefe
Rev. Douglas Olds
Emil Olesen and Jenny Gadd
Javier and Tara Ordonez
Keith Orlesky and Darcy Mackay
Chris Osborn and Karen Olson
Richard Owens
Andreas and Jennifer Paaske
Santosh and Kalea Padki
David Palestrant and Nancy Bloch
Grant Palmer and Kate O’Hearn
Mark and Nicole Palmer
Robert and Alexandra Palmer
Todd Paoletti and Jennifer Wilkoff
Marco and Maureen Pardi
David and Lisette Parisi
Tom Parker and Michelle Griffin
Benjamin and Emily Pashman
Louis and Catherine Patler
Steven Patti and Katy Gasparini
Doug and Elke Paul
John Paul and April Randle
Louis Peacock
Jesse and Amy Pearson
Steve and Jennifer Pelaez
Ziv and Anne Peled
Maxwell Peltz and Angela Miller
Charlie and Cecila Perkins
David Perlson and Catherine Watkins
Ann Perry and John Dick
David Pescovitz and Kelly Sparks
Ove and Christine Peters
Eric Peterson and Karie Stern
Michael and Ilyse Petter
Chris and Renee Phibbs
Adam and Sarah Phillips
Mark and Karolin Phillips
Mark and Karli Picketts
Matthew Pielert and Sue Hall
Jacqueline Pierce
Scott and Iris Pingel
Jeffrey and Zoe Pinksa
Jeffrey and Heather Piper
Jon Platt and Michelle Mere
Steven and Anna Pletcher
Ira and Kendra Pollack
Jeffrey Pootoolal and Jennifer Conway
James and Katharine Porter
Jonathan and Linda Porter
Louis and Deborah Porzio
Larry and Erica Posner
Matt Post and Amanda Brown
Todd Pound and Tiffany Forner
James and Gabrielle Powell
Rebecca Prather and Kaylah Marin
Allen and Lisa Preger
Curtis and Mary Press
Andrew Pribuss and Francesca Stevenson
Todd and Mary Michael Pringle
William and Jullie Proctor
Richard and Anna Pulliam
Derk Purcell and Kristen McCarthy
Robert and Leslie Purchase
Thomas and Rachel Quek
Maria L. Quesada
Roy Raanani and Claudia Amstutz Raanani
Kelli and Scott Radcliffe
Brian Radics and Natasha Kindergan
Donald and Nancy Rakoci
Bruce Randall and Cynthia Palumbo
Josephine Rasella
Graham and Kathryn Ray
Maya and David Razon
Colin and Kathleen Read
Matt and Nerissa Read
Bill and Amy Reed
Laura and Ross Reed
Steven Reel and Kathleen Justice
Judith Regan
Chris and Laura Reid
Bill and Meghan Reilly
Tania Reinhard
Blake Reinhardt and Angela Hilt
Brent and Kari Reston
Aaron and Alexandra Reuter
Jeremy and Jenny Revitch
Robert J. and Paula B. Reynolds Fund
Jonathan and Jennifer Reynolds
Peter and Brenda Rice
Shawna and Chad Richard
Jed and Preston Richardson
Steve and Kristen Richmond
Adrienne and Jason Richter
Soren and Natasa Riisgaard
Paul and Julia Rimas
Ryan Ringholz and Tam Pham
Rafael Ritzmann and Daniele Teixeira
Brett and Larissa Rivers
Cory and Lily Roberts
Douglas and Lisa Roberts
Elia DeLuca and James Robinson
Robbin Rockett
Zac and Janie Rockett
Garrett and Sonia Roll
Edouard Rollet and Elisabeth Keijzer
Scott Romito and Geneva Collins
Rick Ronald and Anne Harper
Stephen and Patrizia Root
Erik Rosegard and Lilly Oates
Jesse and Danielle Roselin
Daniel and Nancie Rosen
Alexander and Kelly Jane Rosenblatt
George Rosenfield and Christopher Hoover
Jerome Rossen and Sandra Bragar
Philip and Maeve Rossington
Brian and Vanessa Roth
Lisa Roth
Rothwell Family
Pablo and Christie Rovira
David and Meghan Rowan
Mark Rubinstein
Gary and Justine Rudman
David Ruiz and Christina Wilkerson
Richard and Nora Rupp
Matthew and Marika Russell
Gregory and Britt Ryan
Thomas and Lauren Ryan
Amy and Tim Ryan
Will and Sita Ryan
Jason Rzutkiewicz and Brigitta Erpen
Kevin Sadlier and Xander Wessells
Darin and Stephanie Sadow
Nikolai and Judy Safavi
Nicholas and Mary Elizabeth Safrit
Garth and Janet Salisbury
Joe and Hila Sallady
Alejandro and Anayele Sanchez
Srinath and Anika Sanda
Roberto and Sarah Santo Domingo
Dan and Anne Sapp
Mark Sarosi and Lily Kanter
Phil and Lisa Sasso
Frederick and Suzette Saunders
Alex and Lindsay Scalisi
Daniel Schalit and Parsons Smith
Celia and Callan Schebella
Brian and Kate Schelter
Taylor Schepps
Richard and Joann Scheuermann
Rob and Mandy Schluensen
Nathaniel and Kirstin Schmidt
Tom Schmidt and Ann Marie Padilla
Todd and Sarah Schneider
Gregory Schnitzer
Steven and Karen Scholl
Iain Scholnick and Jill Carrano
Christopher and Daisy Scholz
Sam and Jennifer Schoner
Daniel and Whitney Schrauth
Elya Schwartzman and Susan Pollack
Derek and Iona Scobie
Maggie Scott
Pete and Susannah Searson
Keith Sedwick and Heather Henson
Geoffrey and Phillippa Seeley
W David Seidel and Jessica Kaplan
Steve Sell and Molly Williams
Richard and Daina Selph
Christopher and Kristina Shaffer
Jay and Inna Shaffer
Semil Shah and Sara Einhorn
Ron and Dawn Shalhoup
Adam and Wendy Shapiro
Ben and Tara Sharp
John and Lisa Shearman
Gregory and Heidi Sheffer
Analisa Payne and Jesse Sheibley
Matt and Renee Shelton
Daniel Shepatin
Catherine and James Sheppard
Jack and Judy Sherman
Scott and Erika Shern
Marc Shillum and Dionne Trowse
Daniel and Patricia Shore
Marisa Shumway and David Fisher
Loren Siebert and Abigail Pease
David and Staci Simonton
Mark and Cherie Simpson
Sujatha Sankaran and Bobby Singh
Shabnam Ghaffari and David Sipe
Michael and Treasa Skiles
Richard and Sarah Slatter
Adam and Anne Slowik
Alex Smith
Alexander Smith and Cindy Hsu
Brian and Jessica Smith
Gregory and Laney Smith
Jim and Anne Smith
Jed and Caitlin Smith
Michael and Karen Smith
Sandra Smith and Errol Dominguez
Mark Smoyer and Jennifer Reese
John Snell and Jamie Moldafsky
Matthew Snelling and Valerie Marleau
Peter and Eva Sokolove
Mike and Chrissy Son
Ben and Tina Soppitt
Ricardo and Tess Soto
Lynn Southall
Gregory Spallas and Sheila Sharei
Don and Anita Sparks
Christopher and Nicole Spence
Matthew and Laura Spence
Mark Spencer
Walt Spevak
Luciano Sponza and Victoria Ramos-Sponza
Craig Squires and Amanda Reeves
Kathleen and Tor Stahl
Eric and Rebecca Stamps
Timothy and Susannah Stanford
Shaugn and Polly Stanley
Shawn and Sarah Steel
Ulrike Steinbach
Eric and Tanya Steinhofer
Joshua and Paige Steinman
Fred Stemmler and Corinne Stephenson
Matt and Andi Sterling
Rolland and Anne Stern
Bob and Ashley Sternfels
Cameron and Shana Stewart
McDavid and Millicent Stilwell
Jason and Cassandra Stirman
Andrej and Sarah Stoelting
Robert and Steffanie Stoker
David and Melanie Stoll
Nate and Rebecca Stone
Thomas Stout and Linda Brinen
Eric and Suzanne Strong
Philip and Alessandra Suh
Tim and Christine Sullivan
Tamin Sun and Nobuko Hori
August and Mia Sunderman
Brian Sutherland and Deborah Adler
Jeffrey and Stella Sutherland
Steve and Elizabeth Suzuki
Lucinda Swendsen
Robert and Wendy Swenson
Eric Swergold and Dawn Dobras
Dylan Swift and Brittany Lauer
Douglas and J’amy Tarr
Sara Tashker and Mark Rutschman-Byler
Glenn and Kindra Tatarsky
Andrew and Jennifer Taylor
Patrick and Alison Taylor
Tripp and Julie Taylor
Michael and Larisa Tempero
Marc Terrier and Julie Milam
Stephanie and Patrick Terry
Stephen and Jennifer Terry
Brent and Stephanie Thill
Annie and DJ Thistle
Brandon and Monica Thomas
Matthew and Julie Thomas
Kathryn and Malcolm Thompson
Bryan Thornton and Emily Uhlhorn
Ogen Tsomo and Ogyen Thrinlay
Carolyn Tice
Gannon and Jennifer Tidwell
Matthew and Helena Tierney
Remon Tijssen and Judith Lemmens
Monika Szamko and Howard Ting
Douglas and Libby Tipton
David and Mary Beth Todd
David Tollen and Wendy Pagett-Tollen
Andrew and Ingrid Tolson
Nick Tomnay and Heidi Arkinstall
Alex Tourk and Wendi Norris
John Towey and Shannon Gotham
Sean and Julia Townsend
Kim Tran and Anthony Le
Andrew and Amy Trapp
Benjamin Travers
Ziya and Devon Tumgoren
Doug and Michelle Turner
Cathleen Tuttle
Ted and Dana Tuttle
Nathan Tyler
Erik and Katie Ulvestad
Alex and Apryl Uncapher
John and Monica Underwood
Sagar Vaidya and Rachna Agarwalla
Frank Van der Heusen and Claudia Praetel
Florence Richard and Zachary Van Doren
Ian Van Kriedt and Hanna Poder O’Kane
Trina and Tobin Van Pelt
Nico and Kristin van Praag
Andreia Vargas
Peter and Monica Vaughan
Paul and Annette Venables
Juan David Vergara
Joe Vernachio and Barbara Chambers
Francisco and Alison Vinoly
Adam Violich
Sergio and Kristin Volpe
Jeffrey and Christine Vose
Thanh Nguyen and Long Vu
Ken and Leslie Wachtel
Heather and Kim Wagner
Gary Croke and Elizabeth Wake
Clifford Waldeck and Karyn Gear
Mallary and Jonathan Walker
Tanya and Gregory Walston
Chongyi Wang and Jingjing Xie
Tom and Barbara Wang
Stephen and Megan Ward
Adam and Monika Watkins
Daniel Weaver and Holly Payne
Clark and Celese Weber
David Weinberg and Marian Kwon
Steven and Susan Weinswig
Donovan and Amelia Weir
Jonathan Weis and Tracy Minichielo
David and Shannon Weisberg
Mark and Suzanne Weiss
Daniel and Shira Weissman
John Welborn
Jim Welte and Heidi Kotansky
Stefan Welter and Christina Mueller
Ryan Wener and Coleen Byrne
Antonio Westphalen and Karen Ordovas
Debra L. Wetherby
Bruce and Lisa Wheaton
Richard and Sandy Whicker
Sandy Whitcombe and Peter Imlay
Carl and Stephanie White
Pamela Whitehead and Melinda Nykamp
Christopher and Andrea Whitmore
John Whorton and Katy Hunt Whorton
Joseph Widdifield and Quynh Nguyen
Sean and Stacey Wieland
Anthony Wihlborg and Sonja Mobley
Gregory Wilker and Elizabeth Dunkel
James and Elaine Wilkinson
Bryce Williams and Anna West
Jill and David Williams
Matt Williams and Dana Spaeth
Laura Viggiano and Roger Williams
Stevens Williams and Sherri Yoshizu
Chris and Danielle Williges
Charles and Catherine Wilmoth
Sean and Julie Winchester
William Winkelstein and Racheal Siegel
Laura and John Winkenbach
Kip Wolin and Nina D’iorio
Mark and Beth Wolly
Chuck and Jenny Wong
Kevin and Beth Wong
Scott Wong and Seran Kim
Kenneth Woodruff and Sarah Trubnick
David and Joy Wygant
Joshua and Kathleen Wyss
Aythami and Eun Mi Yanez
Jonathan and Rebecca Yarnold
Marc and Molly Yasuda
Kevin and Carole Yates
Jon Yolles and Stacey Silver
DoJin and HyeJin Yoon
Steven Younger and Elena Calabrese
Maibritt and Heini Zachariassen
Nolan Zail and Jennifer Wolfe
Cassidy Chivers and Bradley Zamczyk
Maria and Pavel Zamudio
Kurt and Amy Zech
Lucas and Lacy Zehner
Carter and Karen Zinn
Jamie Zirkle and Eve Mueller
Pam and John Zissimos
Steve Zourntos and Lauren Liao

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