Kiddo! 2017-18 Donors as of June 14, 2017

*Thank you so much for your generosity. This list includes donations received through June 14.2017. If you don’t see your name, and you have made a donation, please contact the Kiddo! office.

Please note that this list does NOT include the following:

a. Families that have requested to be anonymous
b. Families that have set up payment plans whose initial donation has not yet occurred; monthly donations only occur once a month.
c. Families that have donated through their employee giving program, but Kiddo! has not yet received the donation.
d. Families that made a pledge, but the donation has not yet been received.

Scott Aal and Julie Brown
Kia and Zane Abedin
Mr. and Mrs. Abou-Ezzeddine
Arif and Susan Akram
Raud and Stephanie Alamin
Neil and Laura Alford
Geoff & Erin Allen
Julio Ayala and Idalia Rodriguez
Andrew Basnight and Jenny Douglass
Joe and Cathy Batteer
Jason Beccaris and Sally Burtle
Kevin and Mischon Beneda
Ken and Trudy Benny
Josette Rivera and Joshua Bernstein
John and Sarah Besford
Elizabeth Ann Beyer
Michael and Patricia Bigelow
Jeffrey and Downey Blount
Courtney Boscoe
Diane Boyd and Stephen Agar
Kelly Boyd and Yami Arvelo
Judith Boylan
Jim Boyle and Sasha Faulkner
John and Gretchen Boyle
Christopher and Nathalie Brand
James and Christine Brandt
William and Julie Bremer
Rina Neiman and Walter Brill
Ken and Jackie Broad
Elizabeth Brown and Janet Lewin
Roger Brown and Christina DiGrazia
Jessica Bryndza
Andy and Leina Bryson
Peter and Carson Buck
Hans and Tiffany Bukow
Abe Cable and Kornelia Dormire
Jennifer Caldwell
Alan and Sharon Callaghan
Lex Campbell and Bobbi Lynn Jones
Kelly and David Carmona
Ralph and Caryl Cechettini
Shawn and Gino Cerchiai
Jerry and Laura Chiang
Winston Chiong and Julia Mitrevski
Jeffrey and Michele Churan
Dan Ciccarone and Kim Koester
Andrew and Malin Clark
Steve and Tina Clements
Matt Cohen and Alka Chawla
Leslie Cohl
Brett and Erin Conklin
John Corsello and Karen Boezi
Charley and Rebecca Cover
Jonathan and Binay Curtis
Nadine Curtis and Ben Wells
Michael Cushing and Justine Reese
William and Cari Dauphinais
Jonathan & Chelsea De St. Paer
Jose and Christine del Castillo
Chris Dorman and Antoinette Greene
Chuck Dow and Beverly Coughlin
Scott and Kristi Duchon
Isai and Ada Duenas
Eric and Heather Eberhardt
David Eddy and Joan Kermath
Eric and Julianne Edmondson
Jay and Wendy Elwell
Kristy Farnsworth
John and Casey Ferrarone
Kimberly Fiek
Anita Fieldman
Darin and Amy Fierstein
Jose and Laura Figueirinhas
Geoffrey and Susan Flint
Chris and Leslie Ford
Todd and Jackie Forrest
Ben and Kathleen Fort
Jennifer and Brian Foster
Andrew and Lisa Fox
David and Cindi Frame
Chris Fuller & Sharoni Jacobs
Rick and Ahtossa Fullerton
Scott and Heidi Fulton
Dan Furhman and Claire Sebastian
Michael Gallagher and Ruth Shapiro
Holly Garrison
Milo and Lisa Gates
Suzanne Gibson
Andrew and Jennifer Gillmer
James Goddard and Sharon Nakatani
Ken Goldberg and Tiffany Shlain
Josh & Jamie Goldstein
Tom Gooden and Laura Foley
Ludovic and Aurelie Gougat
Lisa and David Grant
Martin and Joan Grasser
Jeffrey Grava
Jeremy Graveline and Jennifer George
James and Ronda Gray
Andrew Greenberg & Ruth Walter
Josh and Caitlin Greene
Trond Grenager and Heather Hughes
David and Erin Griffis
Jerry and Stephanie Guaiumi
Noah and Cara Guyot
Christian Hackett and Dabney Ingram
Michael and Lesley Hagele
Linda Haggerty
Patricia Claure and John Hamer
Brad and Lauren Hancock
TJ and Sarah Hannigan
Amy Harris
David and Krista Harris
Raymond and Valerie Harrison
Dain Hasson and Katie Peng
Bzur and Page Haun
Christopher Hess and Theresa Allison
Paul Hettler and Susan Turner
Jeff and Laurel Hilton
David and Angela Hisanaga
Lenny and Jen Hochschild
Fritz and Joan Hottenstein
Chris and Patty Hubbard
Dane and Kristin Hulquist
Thomas Igoe and Erin Pope
Salim Islam and Karen Hauer
Daniel and Rebecca Jackson
Mark and Coreen Jamison
Mike and Lucinda Janover
Thomas and Rachel Jeter
Carl and Monique Johnson
Brian and Amy Kaminski
Mizuho and Wayne Karo
Paul and Meena Kavanagh
Brian and Trish Keane
Dan and Lyra Kelly
Quinci Kelly
Brian and Maura Kneafsey
Kevin and Katherine Knowles
Markus and Hilde Kraemling
Richard and Sharon Kramlich
Jason and Michele Kuhns
Bill Lampl and Kathleen Clifford
Chris and Jill Lebsock
Christopher Lee and Catherine Cheung
Greg and Lisette Lehman
Anthony and Tatiana Leite
Bill and Corinne Lenehan
Ran Leshem and Hilla Nattiv
John Levin and Kerry Savola-Levin
Doug Levinthal and Alexa Mimeles
David and Sheila Lichtblau
Mark and Ingrid Lin
Michael and Emily Ling
Paul and Jill Liszewski
Hans & Shujie Loedolff
Glen and Sally Low
Gary Lowell and Julia James
Peter and Lisa Lund
Seamus and Vanessa Lyons
Tom and Erin Lyons
Aravind and Laura Mani
Mark and Jodi Martini
Scott & Heather Mathews
James and Dana Mauro
Michael Mauzy and Lorriana Leard
Christina McArthur
Doug and Kailyn McCracken
Will and Airin McGinness
Matthew and Erin McMahon
John Merkl and Lisa Goodman
Jason and Christie Michaels
Scott and Loraine Migliori
Alan Miller and Jayne McNicol
Noel and Alicia Miller
Jim and Libby Mitchell
Jonathan and Linda Moll
Carlos & Emily Montalvan
Charles and Jacqueline Moore
Richard and Mary Moore
Bill and Lea Morrison
Jason and Mari Mountsier
Todd and Ruthie Moutafian
Michael and Christine Murdoch
Brian and Candace Murphy
Noel and Sonya Murphy
Maurice & Gabrielle Muse
Jeff Musser and Rebecca Randall
Michel and Francisco Narganes
Kassra and Jennifer Nassiri
Alan and Soo-Hi Nayer
Anton Nazarov and Victoria Nazarova
Chris and Julie Nelson
Keith and Christine Nesbit
Seth and Bonnie Neulight
Michel and Norma Nevarez
Mark Nieker and Nancy Siadek
Gareth Noonan & Sarah Butler
David and Molly O’Dell
Douglas Olds
Katherine Olds
Richard Owens
David Palestrant and Nancy Bloch
Mark and Nicole Palmer
David Perlson and Catherine Watkins
Eric Peterson and Karie Stern
Matthew Pielert and Sue Hall
Jonathan and Linda Porter
Allen and Lisa Preger
Curtis and Mary Press
Andrew Pribuss & Francesca Stevenson
Thomas and Rachel Quek
Maria L. Quesada
Bruce Randall and Cynthia Palumbo
Maya and David Razon
Aaron and Alexandra Reuter
Jed and Preston Richardson
Thomas Roberts and Julie Cechettini
Erik Rosegard and Lilly Oates
Matthew Ross and Tracy Charlton
Jerome Rossen and Sandra Bragar
Troy and Devon Rothwell
Thomas and Pam Routson
David and Meghan Rowan
Gary and Justine Rudman
Matthew & Marika Russell
Patrick and Elizabeth Ryan
Nicholas and Mary Elizabeth Safrit
Steven and Karen Scholl
Sam and Jennifer Schoner
Daniel and Whitney Schrauth
Jonathan Schwartz and Melanie Haase
Elya Schwartzman and Susan Pollack
Derek and Iona Scobie
W David Seidel and Jessica Kaplan
Steve Sell and Molly Williams
Adam and Wendy Shapiro
John and Lisa Shearman
Gregory and Heidi Sheffer
Daniel and Patricia Shore
Marisa Shumway
Malthe Sigurdsson and Katherina Laan
Sujatha Sankaran and Bobby Singh
Adam and Anne Slowik
Jed and Caitlin Smith
Jason and Lauren Snell
John Snell and Jamie Moldafsky
Alex Somerville and Cathy Marhefka
HoShin and Kathryn Song
Shawn and Sarah Steel
William Stephens and Merylin Wong
Bob and Ashley Sternfels
Cameron and Shana Stewart
Daniel and Misako Stewart
Ian Stoba and Laurie Mandigo-Stoba
David and Melanie Stoll
Mr. Leslie Storyk
Mark and Alma Stuart
Philip and Alessandra Suh
Tamin Sun and Nobuko Hori
Brian Sutherland and Deborah Adler
Reza Tariverdi and Tandis Alizadeh
Sara Tashker & Mark Rutschman-Byler
Glenn and Kindra Tatarsky
Patrick and Alison Taylor
Tripp and Julie Taylor
Bryan Thornton and Emily Uhlhorn
Douglas Tipton and Libby Brockoff
David and Mary Beth Todd
Nick Tomnay and Heidi Arkinstall
Gregory Tranah and Shana Katzman
Benjamin Travers
Doug and Michelle Turner
Michael and Suzanne Twing
Jose and Anjuil Valdivia
Francisco and Alison Vinoly
Leslie and Crystal Von Pischke
Jeffrey and Christine Vose
Stephen and Megan Ward
Alan Warner
Adam and Monika Watkins
Clark and Celese Weber
Matthias Wehner and Emma Mascall
David and Shannon Weisberg
Stefan Welter and Christina Mueller
Richard and Sandy Whicker
Sarah and Gene White
Joseph Widdifield and Quynh Nguyen
Bryce Williams and Anna West
Shane and Jenny Wright
Joshua and Kathleen Wyss
Jonathan and Rebecca Yarnold
Steven Younger and Elena Calabrese
Jamie Zirkle and Eve Mueller

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