Kiddo! Performances and Events at Tam Valley

Note: These dates are provided by Kiddo!-funded teachers three times a year,
and are subject to change. Final details will come from your child’s school.


Additional dates may be added throughout the school year.
The Tam Valley calendar has more school events.


Sep 7: Grade 1 & Kindergarten Hallway Art Show Begins, runs through October 19 (S. Campbell)


Oct 20: Grade 2 & 5 Hallway Art Show Begins, runs through December 7 (S. Campbell)


Dec 6: District-Wide Grade 5 Winter Chorus Concert, 7pm at MVMS (N. Hunter/J. Nicholson)
Dec 8: Grade 5 & 2 Hallway Art Show Begins
, runs through February 1 (S. Campbell)
Dec 12: Grade 3-4 Winter Chorus Concert, 1:30pm (N. Hunter/J. Nicholson)


Jan 19: Kindergarten Open Music Classes, all morning by classroom, in Music Room 27 (L. Adessa)


Feb 2: Kindergarten & Grade 4 Hallway Art Show Begins, runs through March 22 (S. Campbell)

MARCH 2017

Mar 23: Grade 3 Hallway Art Show Begins, runs through May 3 (S. Campbell)
Mar 23: Grade 1 Music Performance, 1:30pm in MPR (L. Adessa)

APRIL 2017

Apr 6: Grade 4 Dance Performance, 8:45am (A. Scofield)
Apr 6: Grade 5 Dance Performance
, 9:40am (A. Scofield)


MAY 2017

May 3: Grade 2 Musical “Goin’ Buggy”, 9:30am, MPR (L. Adessa)
May 4: Grade 2 Musical “Goin’ Buggy”, 12:30pm AND 7:00pm, MPR (L. Adessa)
May 4: Grade 4 & 1 Hallway Art Show Begins, runs through June 14 (S. Campbell)
May 5: Grade 3-5 Spring Music Concert, 12:25 and 1:30  (A. Stearns)
May 8: Grade 3-5 Spring Chorus Concert (Park, Tam Valley, Strawberry Grades 3&4, plus all Grade 5), 7pm at MVMS (N. Hunter)
May 18: K Open Dance Classes, times as directed by K teachers (A. Scofield)
May 22: Spring Band Concert with 5th Grade Beginning Band, 7:30pm at Methodist Church (D. Smith)

JUNE 2017

Jun 8: Kindergarten Music Performance, 12:30, MPR (L. Adessa)
Jun 13: Middle School Orchestra Spring Concert, Featuring Grade 4-5 Orchestra Students, 7pm at MVMS (P. Dong)


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