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GTR Consulting is a market research firm that focuses exclusively on kids, teens, and young adults. We understand, interpret, and translate what today’s youth think, say, and need for marketers who want to know.

Whether a nonprofit educational support organization like Kiddo!, a parent, or a marketer targeting youth, we are all trying to understand kids … with varying degrees of success. Kiddo! has been successful because it understands that kids need creative and physical outlets to complete their school experience. For parents, understanding kids is often a guessing game; as soon as we have a good grasp of what’s going on, things change.

And technology has increased the pace of that change. By the time we nail down how to use and monitor one piece of technology, another piece has hit the market and we have to start over again. And if that weren’t enough, kids’ outlooks have drastically shifted as a result of technology. Their view of the world and how they interact with it is in constant flux, and that is literally changing their development, decreasing their attention span and commitment (to both relationships and potential future jobs) and increasing their need for immediacy and instant gratification.

As a lifestage, the emotional, mental, and physical changes that happen during these years do not change. Our kids suffer the same social and emotional challenges we did. But it is important to realize that everything else about being a kid is dramatically different. The bottom line is, no matter how much we think we know, we’re only skimming the surface.

For the past 14 years, GTR Consulting has successfully helped our clients better understand this elusive market. We have more than 24 years of experience conducting custom youth research and advising companies; nonprofits; social marketing agencies; and federal, state, and local government on this ever-changing target.
We also maintain an ongoing conversation with today’s youth on a range of topics, from the food they eat to the video games they play to the products they use and to the best approaches for keeping them off drugs and in school.
Our syndicated gTrend Teen Report provides an in-depth look into the mindset of today’s high-school-aged teens. This detailed macro-trend report identifies new trends in teens’ relationships with technology and how it impacts their behaviors around money, leisure, communication, the environment, advertising, and media.

Our custom research and syndicated trend reports are why clients such as Disney, Microsoft, Reebok, and the State of Montana’s Anti-Meth campaign rely on GTR Consulting to help them successfully grow their business, increase their profitability, and/or spread their messages.
From all of us at GTR Consulting and the Rudman family (Gary, Justine, Cody, Kyle, and Isa), we want to thank Kiddo! for its endless commitment to our children.

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