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SageSage Educators, founded in 2007 by Jaime and William Heaps, is just the kind of place parents want their kids to hang out after school. And thanks to the community Jaime and William have created, it’s the kind of place kids want to be, as well. Sage gives students the kind of personalized attention every kid needs from time to time. The offerings range from academic tutoring, to test prep, to helping kids with their organization and study skills. Students range in age from 3rd graders to high school seniors.

Another of Sage’s strengths is its staff. Most of Sage’s educators are recent college graduates, and as such, are able to play a unique role in students’ lives. They are teachers, but they quickly become friends and role models. As Jaime puts it, “Kids love having a person in their lives who is always on their side. We play a different role than their parents – there’s no one here that can ground them.”

You can tell Jaime and William love their business and their students from how much a part of their lives Sage’s students have become. Not only does Jaime beam when talking about a senior who has been coming to Sage since the 7th grade and is now headed to the Ivy League, but she also admits to frequently spending her free time at her students’ dance performances, soccer games and plays.

Despite their devotion to students, Sage hasn’t forgotten about the parents either! After realizing that parents often grow tired of the homework battle, they’ve created an after-school environment where kids can relax and focus, free from the temptations of videogames and Facebook. Parents also receive updates after each session, ensuring that they are up to speed on their students’ progress at Sage.

Since its beginning, Sage Educators has been an amazing force in the Mill Valley community. Every summer, the Sage team takes a small group of students on a service trip to Ecuador. This opportunity to make a difference in the third world is an eye-opening and enriching opportunity for its students. Additionally, Sage has donated over $150,000 to Southern Marin schools since its inception in 2007. Sage believes strongly in Kiddo! as Jaime and William have seen firsthand the opportunities Kiddo! gives its students to shine. Now that they have their own children, they feel even more deeply tied to Kiddo! and the Mill Valley community. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to Sage Educators for all they do for Kiddo! and for our kids.

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