April Art Shows Feature Student Work 1

District Partners

School Partners

Stop by two great local businesses to see student talent on display!

Frame-O-Rama, located at 487 Miller Ave. in Mill Valley, will exhibit art from Tuesday, April 2 through Saturday, April 27. During the show Kiddo! families receive a 20% discount on all purchases, and 3% of those purchases will be donated to Kiddo!

Foodniks, at 1 Blackfield Dr. in Tiburon, will exhibit art from Monday, April 1 through Monday April, 22.

Frame-O-Rama Show Student Artists

Edna Maguire
Marco Chow, K
Brett Cardinal, 1st Grade
Joslyn Lazzareschi, 2nd Grade
Josh Shultz, 3rd Grade
Cassiopeia Kelly, 4th Grade
Lisa Adelson, 5th Grade

Old Mill
Henry Dehan, 1st Grade
Samuel Johnston, 1st Grade
Rhianon Staples, 3rd Grade
Cal Petersen, 4th Grade
Tristan Brousseau, 5th Grade
Grace Weinswig, 5th Grade

Anna Kornfeld, K
Lachlan Hindley, 1st Grade
Opal Kendall, 1st Grade
Abby Brooks, 3rd Grade
Emma Dunmire, 3rd Grade
Justin Lee, 4th Grade

Strawberry Point
Enzo Zamorano, K
Graciela Hale, 1st Grade
Ava Salinas, 1st Grade
Clayton Souza, 1st Grade
Haley Randel, 4th Grade
Kathryn Kintz, 5th Grade

Tam Valley
Kira Keane, 2nd Grade
Ava Wolf, 2nd Grade
Sydney Elwell, 3rd Grade
Karsen Scott , 4th Grade
Samuel Schnee, 5th Grade
Malena Solin, 5th Grade

Ephets Head, 6th Grade
Maggie del Castillo, 7th Grade
Abby James, 7th Grade
Abby Cabana, 8th Grade
McKenzie Cooke, 8th Grade
Maddie Hofele, 8th Grade

Foodniks Show Student Artists

Edna Maguire
Remy Kalmbach, Grade 2
Athena Bouas, Grade 3

Old Mill
Caitlin Chin, K
Haley Holcomb, Grade 5

Park School
Lily Wolter Brezine, K
Lara Gattnar, K

Strawberry Point
Sam Ismailer, K
Peter Macauley, K
Noah Pedersen, K
Christina Pedersen, Grade 2

Tam Valley
Phoebe Merriman, Grade 4
Jessica Lee, Grade 5

Isa Diecks, Grade 7
Isobel Wright, Grade 8

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